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Revision of study cascade hazards, by climate change

When human beings face severe threats to warming the climate, it is a heat stress that does not only directly kill, but it can lead to kidney and cardiovascular disease. Higher temperatures also reduce the capacity of people, especially in agriculture, Ten thousand millions of workers have lost illness every year

The most worrying, the authors say, is the composition of extreme weather events that make climate change change. The heat waves, floods and storms can change the entire health systems that help support people, according to the report. The failure to recover from emissions, warns, Could they will bring disaster "Break down the main public health infrastructures and tighten health services."

The American report called the Climate Change National Climate, as extreme rainfall says can not overwhelm Damage to national water and sewer systems due to the lack of drinking water and gastrointestinal disease. In some countries, in countries like Florida and Texas, higher temperatures will be a mosquito type, dengue, Zika, chikungunya and transmitted viruses that cause fever.

On Wednesday, the UN Secretary General's comments were resonant, António Guterres, world leaders stopped greenhouse gas emissions three years earlier under the Parisian climate authority. Nine unknown people breathe the air, according to the World Health Organization. Guterres say "The Paris Commitments Commitment can save more than a million years of age every year," he said.

Exit emissions from sources, coal-fired power stations and diesel-burning trucks could also be a huge saving in public health systems. Lancet authors have said. "That would be good for us, it would be good for our lives and it would be a good planet," said Dr Ebi.

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