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Sarah Sanders says: "God wants to be a Trump President"


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Sarah Sanders also said she was "very hard" to take lessons of morality to the Democratic Party

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has told the religious television network that God "wants to become the president of Donald Trump."

Sanders interviewed with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), and Trump stated that he was in the office.

The press secretary also said "very hard" to take moral teachings for democracy.

The Democrat has attacked Mr Trump on the wall.

The US evangelicals strongly support the president.

Washington Post has reported that Trump earned 80% of the 2016 evangelical vote rather than the election of Republican nominees before Mitt Romney and John McCain.

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CBN interviewed Sanders on Wednesday at David Brody and Jennifer Wishon.

In response to a question about Mr Brady's position on Trump, Sanders said: "God calls us all to fill up several hours in different areas and I think he has become President Donald Trump."

"That's why it's there and I think there's been a lot of work that makes things a lot like faith around people."

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Mr Trump has taken on the belief in opposition offices

The speaker at the home asked Nancy Pelosus about the proposed border wall – the longest period in the longest US arrest stalemate – the press secretary attacked Pelosi's suggestion, such as a fence.

"Honestly, it is very difficult for Democrats to take a lecture on morality and not," said the "ridiculous position."

"Protecting people from your country … is a fundamental duty to become president of the United States," said Sanders.

After a few interviews, Mr. Trump tweeted his Bible study support.

Various states legislate to convert Library Libraries into part of public education.

The United States Civil Liberties has attacked the Trump Union lawyer.

"Unlike most, public schools have violated the rights of first and second degree students and their parents' primary schools in the Bible schools due to school Sunday school," said Secretary Secretary Heather Weaver.

"Public schools are in education, not religious doctrine."

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