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Self-concept car's car Apple: Chinese engineer who robs secrets

The engineer Jizhong Chen defends key details Apple (AAPL) self-driving car shield. Chen was arrested and charged last week, before being forced into a flight to China, a criminal lawsuit released in the U.S. court in California.

Apple has said that if the secretary material has been released, it would be "extremely damaging" for the company, the complainant said.

The Chinese state is the second time of six months She has been responsible for stealing secrets from Apple's projects, which she refuses to admit publicly.

Chen sparked his first suspicion in Apple, when a colleague saw the self-driving car taking pictures of the project, this month before the lens spread, according to the complaint.

Apple changes the autonomous vehicle project workers

Apple initiated an investigation, with Chen's personal computer with more than 2,000 files revealing confidential information, the court document said. The researchers also said that Chen's sensitive information on the computer screen on his computer screen, Apple overcame the tracking of its networks.

The FBI said the engineer acknowledged that he placed his Apple computer in a hard drive that he faces against a private computer.

Two photographs, in particular, were brought to Chen by "criminal charges", according to the complaint. Someone shows a cabinet assembly for a self-parking car, and the other is a diagram that interacts with other parts of the car in an autonomous way.

Chen's lawyer, Daniel Olmos, refused his case. Chen was released last week to deliver his passport and publish $ 100,000 in bond.

According to the complaint, Apple said that the information on the project in its hard disk downloaded as a personal "insurance policy" lost its job in the company. Apple later found that the other company had requested it in two jobs, including the Chinese vehicle car company that directly competes with the Apple project.

Apple spokespeople did not immediately respond to the business commentary outside of their business hours.

Fight on self-driving cars

In July, Chinese engineer Xiaolang Zhang was arrested and robbed of commercial secrets while working on the Apple auto-driving project. Apple began investigating Zhang's engineer when Xiaopeng Motors stopped working on launching a Chinese electric vehicle.

Zhang is not guilty.

The USA presents a lawsuit against Huawei arguing that the Chinese giant steals commercial secrets and violates the Iranian penalties

According to Xiaopeng Motors spokesman, Apple's information is not transferred to the company, and Zhang dismissed.

It is an intense race for the marketing of automobile cars.

Uber and Waymo have been invading the litigation of secret commercials. Waymo, linked to the self-talk car project Google (GOOGL), supposedly the former engineer unloaded the secrets of the car trade and took them to Uberra. Waymok U.S. approved the settlement offer.
Apple has begun to shift the resources that are being developed by the car of autonomy, as it shifts its mobile phone business. The company distributes more than 200 workers involved in the self-driving car project.

Rob McLean contributed to this report.

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