Wednesday , February 1 2023

Some old Mazdas now Get Apple Car Play, Android Auto


Both systems now have $ 199 distributor-installed updates available with the 2014 model year and Mazdas with the new company Connect infotainment system.

Android Auto

Do you have a new 2014 model or a new Mazda vehicle? In the end you will be able to get an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto car.

On Wednesday, automakers announced that CarPlay and Android Auto support further expand their vehicles by using telephone-based infotainment technologies in 2018 when available on Mazda6 and 2019 CX-9 and CX-5 models. Nowadays, the 2014 model year and the newer Mazdas business updates with the company's Connect infotainment system.

"The Mazda application will be powered by a 2.1-amp USB charging device higher and faster than Mazda Connect's latest version," the company wrote in its advertisement.

In addition to CarPlay and Android Auto, you can safely use your smartphone applications through your vehicle infotainment system.

"To minimize Mazda's philosophy of driver driving, safer operations can be used by a multi-function knot, shortcut buttons, or voice command functions," Mazda wrote. "This integration helps the driver's hand and his eyes remotely."

Renewal costs $ 199, plus two hours of work. Call local Mazda trader to schedule an appointment.

CarPlay and Android Auto had "superb" reviews on PCMag. For example, we could say that they are better than most full-time systems, but we called Android Auto our Editorial Option.

"Android Auto … Apple has three times more applications than CarPlay," the reviewer wrote by Doug Newcomb. "Not only that, but Android Auto has a great deal of advantage in Google Maps. The information system we have tested is better than any other type, and for Android-enabled vehicles. "

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