Monday , December 16 2019
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Tesla Stocks Is missing Q4 profits from the company

Stocks by Tesla Inc.

TSLA, + 3.80%

It fell by 2% on Wednesday in Silicon Valley automotive, which was a lower adjustment in the fourth quarter, but according to forecasts, sales were forecasting and the company said its rate of "sustainable" production of Model 3 per week at 7,000 vehicles a week. Tesla said $ 139 million, or a 78 cents a share in the fourth quarter, not $ 54 million in cash, 4.01 euros per share of 4.01 euros, which was adjusted for one-time items, Tesla earned $ 1.93 a year ago $ The loss of 3.04 was lost, which was $ 7,23 million compared to $ 3.29 million. Analysts at FactSet were expecting a $ 7.2 billion free sale adjustment of $ 2.20, which is expected to be a cash-flow adjustment of 3% It grew up 8

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