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The & # 39; Complete & # 39; Cancer Cure Story is bogus and tragic

Is there anymore? Scientists have discovered a new version of this fantastic claim in a new cycle, the regularity of a satellite of the super-blood wolf moon for a great deal of a century. In 1998, James Watson said New York Times Cancer cure would come to Y2K. This journal was not immunological, a few years later, under the title "Cancer Cancellation". Heals the expectation of each situation in order to find a solution for patients and their families at no cost or risk. We are still here in 2019 because we are confronted with complex illnesses and multiple-constellations and the comfort we call "cancer", still dead by eight men and 11 women, according to the latest Health World Organization statistics.

Again, creators and consumers should learn lessons now. But the latest version of the cancer cure story is even worse than usual. Public amnesia with a cancer-based cure, and a willingness to use the media's willingness to use crises are ever lower. Hope, it seems, trumps history.

What's going on

On Monday, Jerusalem PostThe Israeli Cyber ​​Newspaper, since 2000, has published a linear lifestyle that is currently undergoing a potentially anticancer anti-cancer cocktail since 2000. Is Cancer Cure? Scientists believe that the Israelis found that they found one, "and three corporate directors listed on the USA website, Dan Aridor, were based on an interview with the chairman of the company, whereby Aridor made several claims, including the following eye-popper:" We will dedicate the decision to cure cancer one year ".

In fact, the company has not yet done a single trial in humans, or Petri dish cells and rodents were published in the cages data warehouse. In normal drug development procedures, the pharmacy startup should send the previous work to the clinic to help with the assessments and grant subsidies for clinical assessments. The US PR movement could be a shortcut. In an interview, on Tuesday, according to Ilan Morad, the founder and CEO of the company The times of Israel Cash flow is the reason why the USA does not publish the data.

Originals Jerusalem Post This article did not interview external experts in the field of insolence. Moreover, the gap between speculative and preclinical environments in controlled laboratory environments is not imposed, and cures a universal chronology of twelve months. Anyone who knows about the oncology will tell you that there are not many procedures in the process of human testing. The success rates that a new study on the market market fell by 3.4%.

What does people mean?

About about 12 hours Jerusalem Post A tweeted story related to his story, the right-wing figures boosted an optimistic headline. Pro-Trump twitter troll Jacob Wohl has been published, Glenn Beck adds to himself a great deal of rigor. "We waited and prayed and I talked until 2030: TOTAL CANCER CANCER".

On Tuesday morning, Fox News released its report. The story added a few notes, wrote a message from an expert oncology in New York. AEBi claim was also called "a long line of unstable, irresponsible and, ultimately, cruel, false, false false patients." Fox's grabby holder kept the original formula almost identical Jerusalem Post story, and a similar copy of local news stories about Philadelphia news Melbourne, Australia.

While major news outlets declined the story New York Post and Forbes Both published their bright versions largely based on them Jerusalem PostNotification But within 24 hours, two sites emerged with new and less decisive stories, interviewed by cancer experts (gasp!). Forbes have actually posted two. It was considered as an original story of "The Experiences of the Israeli Group Claims, Those Who Found the Cure for Cancer," and another that further explains: "The Israeli Company will have to cure a year's cancer. Do not believe it."

This correction of courses is not unusual or incorrect, as journalism is rapidly moving in the online world. But the wisdom on the Internet proves that misinformation is more rapidly than online retrospect. While the rivalry feeds virginity of most fake news that can be viruses, news about our health, people are pushing faster. "Positivity is greater for deciding what to do to read and share," wrote Hyun Suk Kim, a communications researcher at the Ohio State University, sharing health stories through social media.

So, the "Cancer Healing" piece will be a bit farther and faster than the "Cancer Still Sucks" story. In case of point, when Forbes Original article tweeted, Received 47 replies, 821 retweets, and liked 1,635 people. From now on, to reverse the 180-degree tone, so far 4 replies, 30 responses and 61 have liked it.

Why is it gay?

The social network makes it easier for non-critical consumer information. Scrolling scrolls are designed to promote brilliant scroll. At the same time, people are hungry for hunger to prepare for good news, among the toxic content of Twitter and Facebook. Every day, when they feel the fight between parties, sex, races, classes and generations, cancer is a common enemy. The story about the end of cancer can be a branch of an afflicted or part-parent relative. Or, perhaps, in your opinion, your body's cells are still not running an unstoppable malice, in your opinion.

But everything that philosophers in the world philosophize can not change the blind truth of the permanent cancer of expired cancer: false demand is incorrect.

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