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The James Watson Laboratory gives its final interview after the last interview that links intelligence

Five years ago, James Watson, a father of DNA, won the Nobel Prize because people thought he was racist.

Watson won a prize in 1962 for structuring a double-stranded DNA because he wanted to offer penitentiary comments about his reputation in the 2007 rumor. That same year, scientists said the "darkness" African vision on Sunday meant that the African intelligence was lower than the genetically European ones. Watson did not comment on it, as the financial year of 2014 told the reactions to become a "person."

But despite the fact that he wanted to change his reputation for the race, on Friday, 90-year-old scientists did not benefit this month. In "American Masters: Decoding Watson", a documentary PBS was released Jan. 2, revealed that the racial and genetic view of its scientifically accepted approach has not been "changed" since 2007. He has regained his honorable titles.

The Hot Spring Harbor Laboratory announced on Friday the announcement of Long Island's announcement, with Watson's despair, calling its beliefs "absurd" and "unanswered".

"Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) clearly discards unprecedented and outrageous deception," said Dr. James D. Watson, a subject of ethnicity and genetics within the documentary "American Masters: Decoding Watson" documentary PBS on January 2, 2019, "Marilyn Simons, head of the CSHL Board of Trustees, and Bruce Stillman, president and CEO, said.

They added: "Laboratories damage the use of science to justify the damage."

After removing all the duties of the Cold Spring Harbor Chancellor and the 2007 administration of the year, he kept an office and several titles at Watson after his desire to carry them out. On Friday, the labs were removed by the spokeswoman Emeritus, Honorary Officer, and Emeritus Professor Oliver R. Grace. Watson's attempt to reach late Sunday night failed.

Watson was a well-known discovery of the 1950s double helix and was known after the study of molecular biology. In addition, he was an unpublished actor, sometimes referring to colleagues, or sexist, homophobic or racist. .

The Scientific Community drew a line in the 2007 seasons. Watson says the British Sunday Magazine says "our social policies are based on the African intelligence as much as ours, but not all analyzes are really".

He added that he expects everyone to be equal: "But people who face black workers are not that true."

A few days later, in a statement issued by Associated Press: "I can not understand what I have said as I said. There is no scientific basis for these beliefs."

This was also a significant consensus on the scientific community. When Joseph L. Graves, a geneticist, told CNN's Anderson Cooper interview, Watson believed that some geneticists who believed that they were part of the IQ and genetic relationship. But there is no scientific basis for Graves that suggests that there are two causal linkages or IQ scores are a reliable measure of the understanding. An explanation of the differences in IQ testing is evident in environmental factors that affect people's education, he added.

In the PBS documentary, when the interviewer asked Watson, when views on the relationship between races and intelligence changed, Watson replied: "No, no."

"I would like to change it," he said. "It would not [have to be] New knowledge, which says, is much more important than eating naturally. But I do not know. Wings and whites are the difference between the average IQ test. I would say the difference … it's genetic. "

"Breaches Rational Judgment Abolishes, Really Does," Graves said in the PBS documentary. "It's a more insidious thing to do with racism, people get people who are superb people and they go down the roads that are overwhelmingly overwhelming."

Watson's comments and treatment of others are criticized by Francis Crick's Nobel Prize and his colleagues, finding a double helix. One third of Rosalind Franklin, a discovery of a X-ray molecule that was a critical image of a DNA molecule, was killed four years ago when Crick and Watson won the award. Watson's book, "The Double Helix," told Franklin he dismissed it as "Rosy", criticized his outfits and makeup and otherwise reduced his role.

In 2000, San Francisco's Chronicles told the audience at the University of California at Berkeley that they had links between the sun's light and the sex drive, "That's why I am Latin Lovers. You have never heard of the English lover, only one English patient." He also suggested that thin people did not feel happy , which had a lot of "fat" intentions.

"Every time you converse with fat people," said the Chronicle at the time, "you feel bad, you know you do not hire them."

In 2012, a scientific conference told me: "All of these women get men more fun, but they are probably less effective."

Perhaps the greatest controversy about her sexuality came in 1997, she announced on Sunday that a gene was found to have homosexuality before a baby and a pregnant woman did not want her baby to stop aborting. He again commented that his comments emerged from the context, but in an interview with Independent: "During a conversation, I asked about homosexuality and told a story, because I had told a story about a woman who had ruined her life, because her son was homosexual and never had grandchildren. I just said that in this situation women should have an abortion or not. I did not say that the fetus of the gay genus should have aborted. "

On Friday, Cold Spring Harbor stated: "Dr. Watson admits and acknowledges a great scientific heritage," but in PBS's statement, his assertion confirms belief in the relationship between his race and intelligence, "our mission, values, and policies are totally incompatible."

The statement "must break the rest of its participation," said the farmer.

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