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The pond-sized stars have completely disappeared from the west coast, researchers have found

The massive starvation masses on the western coast of North America, regional waters have disappeared due to disease and climate change, researchers report a new investigation.

Since 2013, marine star wasting thousands of echinoderms between Mexico and Alaska. The lesion that causes the illness causes the development of skin on the star of the sea, with the disappearance of the arms and often ending with death.

Sunflower sea stars – massive animal mass slaughter – have been very hard. Scientists now calculate the population in California and Washington drops from 80 to 100 percent in some places.

"As they are so close to the islands, sunflower stars can not be found outside the California coasts and are not Alaska," said Drew Harvell, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, Cornell, in a statement. Harvell's research, published on Science Advancement on Wednesday, with UC Davis researchers.

In some areas of the South, sea-stars are threatened by scientists, and Harvelle has said.

Climate change, as researchers say, while increasing ocean temperature in water, increases the impact of starfish disease.

"The disease is deadly, and when it is added to a higher temperature, it dies faster and causes a greater impact," said Harvelle.

The disappearance of the star of the star of the rain – an incredible predator known as a bridge over the ocean will affect the smell of street sweats and the delicate marine ecosystem. Sunflower stars of the sea eat sea urchins, and to keep their numbers without prey, the cheeks have exploded in some places, significantly reducing kelp.

It threatens "Kelp forests and biodiversity," said Joseph Gaydos, according to the paper and the CEO of the UC Davis SeaDoc Society, in a press release. "This cascade effect has a great effect".

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