Tuesday , January 26 2021

The prosecutor Paul Manafort recommends making $ 1 million worth of money

A mysterious shell company called Woodlawn LLC – Robert Mull's special cousin was set up in Manafort's mid-2017 investigation. He claimed in the court that it was worth $ 1 million worth of Manafort's confiscation procedure. The company, Manafort, president of the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump, still has to pay this debt to pay a mortgage loan for 2017.

On Saturday, the prosecutor said that a Nevada-registered corporation could not say that $ 1 billion loan in Manafort was "a real or a fake transaction."

The prosecutor says "more evidence is needed," because the United States is unaware of whether Woodlawn is an accused or not, "said the judge.

A spokesman for Manafort has reported on this report on Saturday.

According to Woodlawn, in 2017, Manafort indicated that he had provided a mortgage loan of $ 1,025 million. But taxpayers can not afford to pay for money or pay for Manafort.

According to the prosecutor, he has not defined the company's money or the owner of the loan. After filing an apparently resigned Affiliate "Woodlawn" to verify the first request and verify that the company's lawyer after taking up the following function "has been affiliated. The company does not have its own address.

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The Department of Justice says that it is necessary to find out about Woodlawn to determine what the company would need. Prosecutors have already settled with some of the repayment payments made by Manafort for payment of money for goods, and does not pay.

In the United States, Manafort admitted illegal fraud, money laundering and illegal fraud within its conspiracy and blocking claim. In these admissions he said that the company received millions of dollars of shell for making payments and purchasing, and hiding US government.

A jury Manafort condemned tax fraud and bank fraud over the last year after a three-week trial inflated revenue from bank accounts after explaining marine accounts and methods.

In all, Manaforte must lose $ 11 million to the federal government. Some of these amounts will come from the sale of some of the confiscated by the government. He will also pay $ 25 million to return to banks.

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