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The worst video challenge is for kids in Hawaii

HONOLULU (KHON2) – A new, worrying challenge is making media and children's programs. Momo Challenge calls for children to do dangerous things, and children throughout the nation, even here in Hawaii.

When parents of Big Island saw the children's show "YouTube Kids", when their daughter was two years old, they found videos with worrying challenges.

The two main characters of the videos seemed to be unknown when they closed their eyes and ate the heart of their parents. Then it happened unexpected.

"This character came and it was amazing," said Makalapua Alip, the parents, "Momo Frightening" and was convinced … telling children, wait for your parents to sleep and take their pills or commit suicide. He has to tell all things. "

Then he deleted the application.

"Children are very pleased … my daughter imitates everything she can watch on videos," Alip said. "If I did not have such a catch, I do not know what would happen to me because it would happen to me like that. It's very thoughtful because my children are all my own."

With Chris Crimestoppers, Kim says it's a bigger issue than people can think of.

"It's not just happening in Hawaii, it's not just happening in the continent, it's really happening internationally. There are stories all over the world all over the world where Momo challenges people unfortunately."

The deaths of children that tell "Momo".

Kim says that there is a solution, but taking your children's device is not the best tactic.

"We encourage parents to take part in their children's online activities, as well as the use of their social media. Do not be afraid to ask. You know, you are a parent. Participate," said Kim.

You should also explain to help your child understand the situation. If so, if he sees a video with a challenge, he will be notified immediately to a parent.

"To sit down and talk with children and educate them is essential. Of course, unfortunately, there are such types of things, so that the child does not see an alarm or shock," Kim said.

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