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This Techno album was made on Sega Genesis and you can buy it in the cardboard form

Ancient music technology has combined a combination of vinyl, cassette and analog synths, with analogous synthesis that has been added over the last few years, but a musician does not in any way enter our collective arms collection. Serbian techno DJ Remute next LP, Technoptimistic, "Sega Genesis 90 game console" is fully programmed using a sound chip. Sega has been released on the Mega Drive cartridge.

This is not the first attempt by Remute in unusual musical restrictions. In 2017 he released half of his techno album limited as a way to work on serious disk space constraints on the floppy. Speak Magazine MagazineRemute means saving music. In order to compress songs about the word document size, it could fit into four single discs with just four or six discs.

Sega has been tracking Genesis using the Remute machines to love friendship and love to display the boundaries of the format. This is the first album to program and release the legendary 16-bit console and all the music was created in real time.

Sega is a complete history of people who have fascinated Genesis musical abilities. The main sound chip system has a six-channel FM synthesizer, such as a low-frequency oscillator, a sine wave, interval timers, and a type of distortion called "stairs effect". "(The annoying side of the Moog's stairs icon filter.) Over time, it has changed based on digital synthesis and it is used for video DIY videos to show how your video game music player uses the chip.

Remute's 16 track albums will not start until March 22, but there is a preview of Bandcamp to listen to below. If you have ever owned or played Sega Genesis, some sound features might be considered, and as a result, it is a strange mix of old sound reproduced sounds. The final Sega Mega Drive is like a music type that needs to be loaded onto the cartridges.

When they are released, they can be purchased at € 33.33 in Bandcamp, including unlimited reproduction of Bandcamp, including high quality MP3, FLAC, etc., and, of course, the cartridge on the Sega Mega Drive. Streaming Technoptimistic It's okay, but Remute says that it's a great experience to hear about Sega Mega Drive. So if you have Genesis Model 1 or Model 2 storage dust, there is a reason to break here. A cardboard player, a rotary player, and all the things you need to listen to limited edition 2019 editions.

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