Sunday , February 5 2023

Trump Fees Apple iPhones could be more expensive


This move would undermine United States consumers and American businesses because they would pay taxes in the country. Apple should decide to increase its price compensation.

"The direct impact would be on the United States," said Bryan Ma, analyst with IDC researcher. "If you push shove, 25% to $ 1,000 on your phone is not a joke issue, even if Apple absorbed it or has given it to the consumer a great deal."

Trump said the rates were 10% or 25%, the Wall Street Journal said earlier this week: "I can make 10% and people can take it easy."

Apple (AAPL) wants to build and manufacture United States iPhones. Complex and mobile chain supply for all Asia It is very difficult and very difficult.

Although it may be done, American work and production facilities would cost the iPhone more cost, according to Tim Bajarin, Creative Solutions President.

"If you have made smartphones in the US, the price of last-consuming consumer phones that are sold to audiences will increase between 20% and 35%," he said.

At the bottom of the Bajarin range, it would be an extra $ 350 in the basic iPhone X. This means that iPhone production would be more expensive to move to the United States than Trump threatens to absorb the tariffs.

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Apple (AAPL) buys companies around the world before shipping to China, the majority of Taiwan's manufacturers assemble iPhones.
The memory chips are Japanese Toshiba (TOSBF), German Bosch Sensor and Samsung (SSNLF) modules in South Korea.
Some important components are also American companies. Corning's (GLW) Kentucky iPhone Glass Screen, Finisar's (FNSR) Texas Factory The laser scanners are used by Apple Face ID and animation emojis, and Massachusetts produces a chip on display touch screens (ADI).
Trump China foresees trade with Apple's upcoming TV threat
Another tariff rate would not be Apple, but other US-based technology companies, as well as chains and Chinese manufacturers, rely on their assets, according to the Information Technology Industry Council, comprising more than 60 companies, including Amazon (AMZN) and Facebook ( FB).

"The global supply chain would continue to threaten, they would bring higher prices for electronic devices every day, as well as American jobs," said José Castaneda, a spokesman for the group.

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Apple makes most of the research and design of iPhone and other devices in the United States. But the country lacks poor labor that requires product manufacturing, according to CEO Tim Cook.

"Products that are very advanced tools, we work with the accuracy we need to have this tool and the materials we make," said Cook in a conversation with last year's Fortune.

"The tool engineers in the US may have a meeting and I'm not sure we could meet the room. In China, you can meet many football fields," he said.

Apple has other Asian options

Additionally, Apple does not bring the iPhones manufacturing center around Trump's rates.

Some of Apple's competitors have made improvements to their production, maintaining basic hardware in their phones, computers or TVs, but in recent times, such as Taiwan, Vietnam or Malaysia., Bajarin said.

Commercial war is being traded from China but not in America

"That would be achieved directly from the tariffs for products sent from China," he said.

Trump strives to return to the United States, according to Bajarin.

"The US lost its manufacturing decades, especially as consumer electronics, which will never return."

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