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United States statistics are much closer to retailers like Cyber ​​Monday


The United States closed Monday after sales of retail sales led to buyers trading last Monday. Stable oil prices and capital gains in the world also gain a loss after a week.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, + 1.46%

There were 354.29 points, or 1.5%, 24,640.24, S & P 500

SPX, + 1.55%

There were 40.89 points or 1.6%, 2.673.45. Nasdaq compound index

COMP, + 2.06%

There were 142.87 points, or 2.1%, 7,081.85.

Last week, Nasdaq fell 4.3%, Dow fell by 4.4% and S & P 500 fell 3.8%, with the worst Thanksgiving week in 2011 for three indexes.

What drove the market?

Oil prices dropped down on last week's decline, and vice versa on Monday. After losing 7.7% of the Friday session, United States gross immigrants

CLF9, + 2.36%

More than 2% earned more than $ 51 in trade, including Brent

LCOF9, + 2.91%

It also rose above $ 60.

In the retail trade sector, when investors started consuming holiday home-based holiday data, to spend this holiday season, they started looking for buyers before the holidays.

Vehicular traffic fell 9% last Friday, according to conventional observations, RetailNext and ShopperTra. But consumers were spending more money online, with Internet sales reaching 26.4% between Wednesday and Friday, Adobe Systems Inc. according to company budget. The trader continues to receive expense data. today's Cyber ​​Monday, among retailers and external analysts.

General development impacted trade. The Italian coalition government says it will cut its budget deficit, which can not reduce the tensions between Rome and the European Union. U.K. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, also attended an EU meeting with the approval of his Breitz agreement and now seeks the approval of his parliament.

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In the meantime, ahead of the U.S.-China trade tensions market, ahead of the 20-morning team, President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to meet and discuss commercial issues.

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What were the strategists?

"We are currently seeing a bounce on oversold markets," said Larry Benedict, CEO of Trader Opportunistic MarketWatch.

"The market this year is almost flat and we do not see this change," he said at the end of December. "The [bull] The market is a long tooth, and the money is not in any way more, "he said, rising interest rates.

Paul Hickey, a co-founder of Bespoke Market Intelligence, warned investors on Monday's start-up win. "Last Friday, S & P 500 has recently been downgraded for the current fix, and today's 1% of the winners will be open, S & P 500 will return them half a year before the end of Wednesday," he said.

"Traders Trump President and Chinese President Xi Jinping are looking to build new trusts this week to sit later this week," said David Lutz, ETF's director, Jones Trading. The market "has a huge" Cyber ​​Monday "line of sellers online."

What stocks were the focus?

Shares Inc.

AMZN, + 5.28%

Cyber ​​Monday's sales will double double this year's $ 7.8 billion forecast in the United States's biggest shopping day, according to Adobe Analytics.

Other retailers were also taller GameStop Corp..

GME, + 8.00%

It grew by 8% American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

AEO, + 5.53%

It grew by 5.5% Best Buy Co.

BBY, + 2.86%

2.9% higher Target Corp..

TGT, + 2.82%

2.8%. Inc..

OSTK, -16.10%

It is an online seller, when Wall Street magazine has not seen its shares, Patrick Byrne announces that the retail sale of the company will be closed by February to finance a mobile trading platform with its capacity for lock-in. The news sold more than 20% on Friday, but stock fell by 16% in selloff of cryptococities like Bitcoin.

Shares General Motors Co.

GM, + 4.79%

4.8% advanced the automotive company proposed measures to reduce the costs of commercial ads, the linear reduction of vehicles and the closure of United States and Canadian plants.

Financial assets are among the leading winners in the sector, the basis of Dow's progress. Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

GS, + 2.77%

Shares rose 2.8% again JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPM, + 2.45%

2.5% discount.

How to market other markets?

The Asian market was higher than Japan's Nikkei

I, + 0.76%

0.7% growth and Hang Seng index in Hong Kong

Hsi, + 1.73%

Closing by 1.7%. Chinese markets were muted, with Shanghai

SHCOMP, -0.14%

0.1% before the end of 0.8%.

The European markets grew with the Stoxx Europe 600

SXXP, + 1.23%

and FTSE 100

UKX, + 1.20%

in positive territory.


GCZ8, -0.07%

They settled gradually lower and US dollars

DXY, + 0.16%

It was slightly higher for the week.

-Barbara Kollmeyer contributed to this report

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