Thursday , June 24 2021

Unlucky Tom Coughlin Bashes Jaguars: "The way we play in the field is ridiculous"

Jacksonville Jaguars lost AFC 3-8 in the last month and lost seven live matches. Things look right After Nathanial Hackett's final loss, an offensive coordinator, and the executive chairman Tom Coughlin clearly sees things.

In "The Drill" in the 1010 XL conversation, Coughlin criticized Jaguars in the field, not mentioning their antics (the latest version of which was bypassing the running of Leonard Fournette and interrupting a game).

"Let's face it, our numbers are all down the spot," said Coughlin. "Our sacks go down, our pressure down, our profits are enormous, unpredictable. Penalties. The way we do in the field is ridiculous, some punishments, so there are many things that will be corrected and directed."

Coughlin defended Blake Bortles' decision, though indirectly.

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"We had a whistle, we are Super Bowl, said Coughlin. And that is my position. So he told me, everyone, do not you fill out and try other pieces? Well we tried. The character of the game has got us so we have to go back to the drawing. "

Coughlin praised Rams and Chiefs in adapting to the current NFL, saying he did not play much of Jaguars' theater (see Jaguars Colts Sunday, Sunday 1:00 p.m., ET in CBS, CBS All Access or fuboTV playback , try it for free)

"You have to be explosive," he said. "You have to put the referee to the pitch. There was a time in our great plays … it was still a strange violation, but I still need to get this formula in my opinion."

In the end, Coughlin talked about the balance of breaking, and corresponds to coach Doug Marrone. When asked about the balanced philosophy of the group, Coughlin said: "It's not my philosophy, coach Marrone's philosophy, but it's important, but when you're going through a season, you score points, score points, score, where are you going? You sometimes go away sometimes … And sometimes a pattern falls, where it's "going to go" and you move away, so there's no doubt you need to go back and review yourself.

"When I was in the 3rd Division Coach," it's a must-have for most of the time to be effective. "Whether you are training in college … in the place you are training and the same goes for the defense. will they take a step? "

In the Hackett shootout, Coughlin said: "That's exactly what the coach should have decided at this time by Marrone. You need to try something."

In 2018, Jaguar passed the ball for 400 times and started on 295, against the Bortles' 61-game attempt against Chiefs. It was Bortles Cody Kessler-i. Last year, Jaguars passed 527 attempts to 527 attempts. This year, the Jaguars are in the 22nd NFL, and they form a total of 35 highways of more than 20 meters and have a rhythm of 50 to 50 in the last season.

It's really different that bad jaguar areas are beneficial. If the first one falls to the NFL, in just 16 minutes, and fifty meters more are passing through each game (which is the tendency for the broad band).

Coughlin's alarm is clear with her words. Sentences like "Back to Table Drawing" are not about a year ago on the AFC Players. However, the alarm is justified. The Jaguars have been built as the NFL did not win this year. You need to take out and run a game that is complementary to each other, and the Jaguars offenses synchronize at this time.

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