Monday , September 26 2022

UW study: there is no safe alcohol level


SEATTLE – The latest research by the University of Washington shows that alcohols are alarming to kill more people. According to a study conducted by the University's Health Mechanisms and Evaluation Institute, alcohol use is "the main risk factor that causes a global burden of disease and a significant loss of health."

This study shows that the number of deaths attributable to alcohol has risen by 35% for 2007-2017. Alcohol use caused 2.8 million deaths worldwide and deaths among women increased 85% at the same time.

In the state of 2017 in Washington, the death rate caused by alcohol was around 24,000 people.

For men, there are about 38 percent; and 10,000 dead women, according to the study.

"Only 15% of the population smoke cigarettes now, but drink 50-60% more, but alcohol is often harmed by cancer. It's a poison, so throat cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer These things have an impact on the use of alcohol, "said Dr. Eric Shipley, Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Overlake Hospital.

In the analysis, alcohol use was also 10% of the deaths of older people between 15 and 49 years old.

"Alcohol is a preservative. Your stomach is not like your colony does not like it. Your liver is not like it, so it seems that this is not quite recognized," Shipley said.

Max Griswold, a research scientist, studied the study of the use of alcohol in the country and the state.

"Being half as half as smoking is half, you do not really want to recognize something that you want to put into your body," he said.

In the study, alcohol also stands out as the main risk factor for the overall burden of the disease, including types of cancer in the world.

"For the 15- to 50-year-old population, the greatest ability to improve alcohol and health in the world is to reduce or eliminate alcohol use", said Dr. Shipley.

According to the study, "the safest degree of drinking is not at all", because they know a lot of health regulations that reflect current drinks in two days.

But if the numbers speak volumes, alcohol perceptions will change for a long time, unless. According to the study, alcohol control policies should be revised throughout the world.

"I hope the politicians have taken on the toll that has taken our population's health," said Griswold.

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