Thursday , August 11 2022

Warriors takeaways: what did we learn to win the Magic 116-110


When Golden State Warriors return to these lands, they are not known. They will be in full, and they will be better in their entirety.

But they will be different. They did all this this year – they were different.

After winning 116-110 on Monday in Orlando Magic, when Warriors made almost everything for Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, they will take up the sky on five road games, which will change again. Stephen Curry and then Draymond Green to return from furlough.

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During the Uber-Durant match on Monday, with 49 points, six rebounds, nine supporters, 13 shots and two blocks of the same game, and 50 pieces. "Thompson added 19 points to the fourth fourth, eliminating the minimum effects of the second and third quarters He finished 29 and 23 shots.

In summary, they took a game, almost completely embarrassed and unlocked the effects of four-game decline with the Oaktown Flats problem. At the Western Conference (a central match that plays better than Los Angeles Clippers but is behind two percentage points behind it), they like them again.

So now the best team of Toronto and East, potentially Curry and Green shortly after, in a month and a change, there is a very strong belief that DeMarcus Cousins ​​will finally be turned on.

In short, if four or four layers of skin are deviated before the new year, a strong or weaker effort is needed.

The Curry-centric team has been an internal conflict group and has now been the centennial Durant. Elite Thompson and he played with him. The position of the center is like A's rotation.

And they will soon be together with the three rings, and then they will face big men.

They will pass all of these tours and will restart Warrior's most part, even though they have nothing. Their consistent versions have shown more ways and they have not yet been approved in the best version.

They have not found groups with a constant rhythm, or groups that are offensive to groups, or a team that has won more than half of the defensive teams or third-party opponents. In the quarter, therefore, the regulation of minutes easier.

They adjusted to what they did, and then adjusted and adjusted again. They have made the most severe adjustment by threatening and reorganizing their basic chemical machinery.

The Green-Durant mashup was the biggest threat to long-term health, and it may still be disastrous, but as coach Steve Kerr said on Monday night, "we've all gone through."

At least that's the plan. Warriors will soon be a team, that is, that plan, and then Cousins ​​will help and then this plan will be. Warriors, in the aggregate, will be several times regular teams throughout the constant season, and then they should reach somebody else in April.

All these plots will be played alternately or chemically and swords competitions and intriguing meet-ups will be in the best competition (assuming), the hardest championship or the oddest tournament. But give them – they're all we've been thinking about for dollar entertainment. Now the NBA team consists of five or six teams and the final teams will still end.

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