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Which electric vehicles could have more than 500,000+ sales in the previous year?


Published March 23, 2019 |
By Zachary Shahan

March 23, 2019 according to Zachary Shahan

There were 201,000 passenger car models worldwide, with 500,000 sales. There was no electric vehicle in the list, but some models have reached the point that leads to this elite club.

Tesla Model 3 had more than 100,000 sales in 2018 and 201,000 sales in 2019. In 2020, it exceeded 500,000 marker units. (Or we will not see.) The Tesla model Y will probably be known as more than 3 models much More popular, and it's hard to imagine that cross no Over 500,000 sales per year. Other than those two Tesla mass market models, what electric vehicles could be high sales every year?

Before looking much further than I was not interested, we will analyze more than 17,000 sales of more than 201,000 sales with more than 17 models.

  1. Toyota Corolla – 1,187,645
  2. Ford F-Series – 1,081,272
  3. Toyota RAV4 – 837,486
  4. Honda Civic – 833,123
  5. Volkswagen Tiguan – 791,111
  6. Volkswagen Golf – 790,567
  7. Honda CR-V – 744,387
  8. Volkswagen Polo – 718,983
  9. Toyota Camry – 669,130
  10. Chevy Silverado – 651,191
  11. Pickup pickup – 623,477
  12. Hyundai Elantra – 621,153
  13. Hyundai Tucson – 553,503
  14. Toyota Hilux – 549,985
  15. Nissan Qashqai – 519,617
  16. Honda Accord – 515,144
  17. Volkswagen Lavida – 503,940

(Note: There are a few versions of this list. If you do not like it above, here's another one.)

I returned to Tesla Model 3 in the second. We have recently shown that this car is actually a competitive cost for Toyota Corolla (# 1), Honda Civic (# 4), Volkswagen Golf (# 6) and Toyota Camry. # 9), Hyundai Elantra (# 12) and Honda Accord (# 16) – Although much better than any of them. This is amazing, and the amount of room 3 should show how much a room is growing, because most people are studying the electric supermarket market, because they have experience in Model 3, because they make the full cost of ownership. Model 3, and then move forward.

Meanwhile, Y Model will compete with other models in the list: Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V and Nissan Qashqai. Once again, the Y model is more expensive, but with these vehicles it will be competitive when looking at the total cost of ownership.

Well, with Tesla (almost), we can think of some other electric vehicle models that would hamper 500,000 vehicles (we expect a few days before 2023).

Volkswagen I.D.3?

Volkswagen I.D,

Volkswagen has announced the capability of producing a competitor with a Model 3 competitor. I do not think that ID3 (or so-called) is actually a key competitor in the key categories, but a long-term and decent electric vehicle with a pretty low-priced design should be in a superb market place. He also stressed Volkswagen CleanTechnica There are lines of production for electric vehicles that consumers will buy. Of course, we've heard this kind of thing before, but I think Volkswagen is serious.

As I understand, I.D.3 is a golf substitute position in the long term. As we can see above, it was the best car sold in the world of golf in 2018, with almost 800,000 sales.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz?

Volkswagen ID Crozz electric car

I.D. Crozz is in the vehicles of the decade of the 2020s. It is bright, bulky and people like it. In this way, there is little clarity about Volkswagen's price, but Volkswagen should therefore be affordable.

There are many cars top 17 on the list, and not so much crossover or SUVs, but if done correctly, I.D. Crozz replaces Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V or Nissan Qashqai, or anything else.

Naturally, Volkswagen must first move to the Crozz market, as well as the other I.D. models

Volkswagen I.D. VIZZION?

If Crozz is still on the way, VIZZION is also sure. However, we can cross 500,000 marks per year at lastNot next year. Volkswagen has a number of models in the list of 2018 and appears to be quite serious around the revolutionary electric vehicle, the Volkswagen sedan appears in its I.D. The page has shot 500,000 times a year in the 2020s. We will see.

I.D. VIZZION is definitely a nice car, but it also looks very futuristic and luxurious. Perhaps Volkswagen will scale some of these luxury features when the car is actually marketed. (It would not be the first time.) Or where will we go?

Nissan LEAF?

Oh, Nissan LEAF weak and forgotten. There is so much love that still sells the highest car in history.

Right now you can think of it: "How is the contest LEAF? Over the years, around 500,000 a year go by. "I think the most important thing to consider is the battery's experience curve that has evolved over the years as the evolution of LEAF.

The following LEAF is considered to be a better battery (much better battery), but it stores similar prices as the previous LEAFs. This price is already quite competitive, but I think that the potential of Nissan since 2020. If the batteries continue to improve, Nissan can stop bundling and reduce the cost. In fact, it was aggressive in 2019.

In other words, LEAF would fight LEAF's $ 3,000 price range, and would drop $ 20,000 to look for gold for LEAF. Again, I do not say that this will happen in 2020 or even in 2021, but think – this is totally possible, especially if Nissan disrupts some of the low-end features. And think about it with approximately $ 20,000 LEAF cost of operating costs and a level of competitiveness. This would allow LEAF to become a giant EV model due to the accumulation of sales.

Hyundai Kona EV?

If LEAF and non-existing models are on the table, it must be one of the most believable EVs on the market today and Hyundai Kona EV (2019). CleanTechnica He won the car of the annual car). Kona EV has excellent features, attractive design, good body shape and beautiful colors.

The main question about Kona EV is that Hyundai has aligned the battery supply to obtain the demand and to obtain customers who want to move forward. Until now, we have not seen this evidence.

Hyundai Kona EV Test Drive Hyundai Kona EV Test Drive Hyundai Kona EV Test Drive Hyundai Kona EV Test Drive

For the time being, Kona EV has a great price on Kona gas, but, above all, the battery cost curve essentially tells us that Kona EV will be more competitive one day and Kona gas will disappear. Hyundai continues to grow while its competitors are losing sales, so while Kona's gas is not more than 500,000, I could see 500,000 electric day – maybe.

Kia Niro EV?

Kia Niro EV

Kia Niro EV, in fact, is not similar to Hyundai Kona EV. There are some differences in a few dimensions and design, but it is easy to confuse these patterns (it is a lot) and they are very similar.

Kia is not ranked in 20 rankings in Hyundai, and the differences of that mark will be made through EV models. However, Niro EV is another attractive option. If the prices are reduced over time and if Kias obtains the necessary battery supply for the required response, this may lead to global sales global sales.


Tesla Pickup?

I am sure that you will not escape. Ford F-Series was the second most used vehicle in the world for the past year and other pickup trucks reached more than 500,000 sales in 2018. That is why many consumers – and Elon Musk – with the future truck of high excitement Tesla. The success of Tesla, the S model, the X model, the model 3 and the Y model, is a great expectation of great revenue. It seems that Musk has bet that he has opted for a model that is a very unique model and that may not fit all but also that Tesla is a product that is a product. Stay tuned

Tesla 2 model?

Another example of Tesla that we can not display the real image is 2. Oh, this is simply the name I give it, as Tesla did not see this term. I'm not sure if there were real works to design this vehicle, but a little bit alternating, Elon recently said that the Tesla model is smaller and smaller and that model is less than 3 models. I think that $ 25,000 and $ 30,000 in the park and the pattern 2 would be. In this case, we should definitely wait a few years for that. However, if it does not come out, I can not see how Tesla could be a sub-$ 30,000 model no We sell more than 500,000 units a year.

Ford F-Series Electric?

As I mentioned earlier, Ford F-Series was the second-largest vehicle in the world for sales last year. If you think that 100% of the industry will switch to electric vehicles – and I too – you might expect to see the electric versions of some of these models appear on the list for 10 years. Of course, some models (and companies) will die, but some will have a choice, and Ford has said that it is working on the F-Series electric version. I hope Ford can do this kind of work and eventually sell more than 500,000 F-Series electric trucks a year. Ever since it was a failure, remember, the US government did not release the Big 3 automotive industry. He also has the right to rescue, right?

Chevy Silverado Electric?

GM has put serious work on electric motors. Bolt EV marketed any other automobile manufacturer who had a long-haul electric vehicle ahead of the car price range. He also spoke for a long time on the model. In my opinion, it is an electric pickup truck that works and wants to be marketed again. Maybe Silverado Electric? Probably not because GM likes to like it with his EVs, but now we'll call Silverado Electric. They continue to improve the technology and manufacturing of the battery (that is, the costs are constantly reduced), this would be a competitive truck. Even if they should, that does not mean will be – for at least a few years – but we hope for a while.

Other main ideas?

The patterns you need to think no list of these options?

Do you want to take it in a long and thin body and the model you anticipate would have more than 500,000 sales per year?

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