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Why it was already clear that Hillary Clinton was not running again (Hint: Senator)

JOhn Podesta shook her heart in the afternoon tomorrow, definitely, it failed twice that Hillary Clinton's presidential candidate would not go for a hat-trick by 2020.

This was obvious on January 15th, but it's very nice to say that President of Clinton's presidential campaign.

"It does not run for the president," said Podesta CNN's Erin Burnett. "It was a brilliant president, but this is in the past."

"He does not run. He's got his word," said the Democratic Party, "he has won great candidates now, and I believe that the first democratic will come forward with great ideas."

And as the CNN looks like, Podesta may finally like to recall the supposed rumors of Clinton lately.

But Podesta's word was useless. Undoubtedly, the Democratic Democrats of 2016 did not want to be presidential in the face of the CNN. Indeed, it was an important indicator a few weeks ago, and that was Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Announced his 2020 candidate.

Gillibrand would never run, knew he knew directly or indirectly that Clinton had no intention of doing anything. Today is Clintons. Earlier family members almost seated a seat on the bow. Gillibrand is his room and Clintons is his guard, and they both take part.

In fact, Gillibrand had his first family of first family in Billina Clinton with Bill Busti in 2017. But the senator tried to correct it. Following Clinton's loyalty, the senator returned to his original method to answer questions about the sexual abuse of the president's history, which is literally redirecting to any other direction.

Gillibrad would not venture to the Senate race against Clinton's massive, deep and well-funded political machine. It's still fair, and the 2017 notes were sudden.

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