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Why Shawn Mendes Feels Girls Need to See


Shawn Mendes's personal life joke – Hailey Baldwin's relationship, with her speculation about sexuality, has caused young singers due to stress and anxiety.

"I do not care about that, but that's not true," a 20-year-old pop star explained in a superficial story Rolling StoneDecember issue.

Previously, they denied Baldwin and his good friends, who took part in the hands of the party, as well as the Canadian rumors and the 2018 Met Gala. The singer "Lost in Japan" was finally adopted. .

"I do not want a title too, I think it was a limbo field," he said, because they shared with more than friends, but they decided to refuse to determine their relationship.

Mendes also understood why he confirmed that people had mixed up with Baldwin's whirlwind contact with Justin Bieber, who had been married today, whose revived romances had been deposited in Mendean and Baldwin tonight.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

Ruven Afanador

"I know, you know," he says, has been thinking about a net model for 22 years. "Hailey, I wrote a" Congratulations "text and I'm really happy. Still, among many people, it's not a beautiful person, but it's one of the most beautiful hearts I've ever met."

"I think I'm not a fool, you know … But you can not control your heart," he continued.

Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin

Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin

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Mendes, who has not publicly published anyone who has not progressed, has speculated about his sexuality.

"In the middle of my heart, I see someone, like a little girl, I have to see in the public, because they do not have a gay".

The singer added, "even though I do not know that this is not a bad thing," he says, "I am still thinking about it, and I hate my side."

On the other hand, Mendes again criticized a little boy after entering a night and seeing many young children together.

"I had this thought:" I have to patronize someone. Who am i I do not have any importance, "he stressed." I liked it "Ughidiot mad Why did you think that?

VIDEO CONTACT: Shawn Mendes by Hailey Baldwin & # 39; To a friend & # 39; He calls: "We did not make our Big Debut" at Met Gala

Mendes directs directly to Snapchat videos about her sex on 2016, reveals her Rolling Stone He decided to record videos after reading YouTube's commentary.

"I thought, & # 39; F-ing boys so lucky I'm not really gay and frightened out," he explained. "That's what people kill. That is sensitive. Do you like songs? Do you like it? Who will look after me if I'm gay? "

However, while Mendes flatly refused to be gay in videos, he added, "I should not have made any difference" – Snapchat did nothing to end his speculation about sexuality.

And then Taylor Swift Instagram was featured in the story of a singer wearing a bright eye makeup.

Although Mendes thought he had nothing in Swid, when he was published in the photo, that night he woke up in a cold sweat and felt "ill."

"I liked it," F-, why did I leave his message? ", I frightened him to feed the fire," he said, that he finally relaxed and now he says he feels happy. fascinate to entertain his parents.

Mendes reflected on his reflection, linking it with 15 hair nails and painted nails. "Maybe I'm a bit more feminine, but that's it. That's why I am."

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