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WWE SmackDown Live results, summary, reactions (January 29, 2019): New Prize

If I always remember, I questioned last week whether Daniel Bryan was booing. Leave the champion to take his arrogance and sweet attitude to a very different level.

Boys! They did things! Bryan made a very new championship from organic materials! He got the Kalamua title!

Bryan's departure show congratulated the fans. They won the Royal Rumble. Do you know why? He won Bryan. Bryan won for fans, children, children's children, the winner of lucrative beings … because it is a Planet champion.

Good, man. The ground laying path.

Bryan introduced his "intellectual concept" by Erick Rowan – pretty Alestrom, Rowan! – And he condemned the crowd, no more encouraging. According to Bryan, no one of us does not see the fingernails of Rowan's fingernails past and see inside the mind. In fact, it's damn or whatever.

He also left the crowd; When Bryan told a story about the WWE Championship, when he named the name of the deceased "Daisy", he did everything he had thrown out. That's the sign of Bryan's detective, so people want to do it. And he was keen to face the face of five fighters: AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe.

Oh wow. Exceptional Chamber right match right.

It happened next to the good episode of SmackDown. Joe shouts to tell him everything he's talking about.

Naka-Rusev Day?

So uh … who was the R-Truth United States champion Cageside betting pool?

After winning Rusev's Royal Rumble, Shinsuke Nakamura was the first game of the night, apparently, in a fast-paced match against R-Truth. The game was pretty ordinary until Truth did not make it naughty … win.

At a second glance, it was like a normal drop in a match. Nakamura broke a 2-point shot, but apparently never got any shoulder. The referee had three and we had a new champion.

And suddenly Rusev came, and like Elías Raw, he started to heal his heel. Apparently, R-Truth was not enough to be a US champion. Rusev questioned the Truth and lost it too! Nakamura and Rusev, corrupted with their humiliation, won the Truth after the bell. Good Brothers was dressed in Rusev's locker room and Truth told him to treat him badly. Rusev and Nakamura were taken to a game that will happen next week.

It's a shame to bring the two WWE boys to the title of the United States. And do you know what? I do not hate Suddenly, the title of the US Title has been cleared up to give someone like Samoa Joe or Mustafa Ali a first title. Perhaps the debut of the EB3?

Rusev and Nakamura also have more games that are added to the accumulated group tag. Besides … they did not like to be frustrated with their attitude, either?

In all, I am discreetly optimistic. If anything, I think he must reset US titles.

Rest of SmackDown Live:

Andrade makes Eddie mock, Rey Mysterio pummels – WWE prefers to drink a little Eddie with Edda, but this segment did not borrow at home and could not. Andrad has got all the pride in the world, but it must be understood in a more understandable way, what does it mean?

Charlotte wants all the credit – Charlotte is a daffodil sauce, you. Becky Lynch took another one again at Rumble, and apparently, Charlotte faced the misfortune of Lynch's success.

Lynch Sucker replied that he was responding to himself, but the story Lynch's leg was very bad. He denied medical attention because he could not "come back on the shelves."

Mandy Rose still hates Naomi – This man was the story of Mr. Rose … it was something, right? I still do not know whether I liked it or hated it. She was very clever, however, Naomi did four years in Tough Enough and used Naomi's motivation as a spoiler. Naomi seems to find a member of the group Elimination room Match

Miz and Shane McMahon celebrate – This came, I really was pityed. I know Miz did the same thing that he was not proud of his father … but I did not have to watch it on TV, you know? It is also very curious that the game of the # 1 discoverer of Shane has been announced as if it had been reserved. Perhaps his title will not be as funny as a dog.

Def uses Heavy machinery, new day, bar – It was a fun game, but it was not emotionally invested in any way. Emotions fight against Shane and Mizen. I do not expect to win, but we'll see.

You know, if it was not for Daniel Bryan, I would give it a bad quality. The show was not a great fight and nothing was too much fun. Good thing Bryan is a colossal gloom and Samoa Joe is talking to trash more than anyone else in the world.

Grade: B-

And now, Cageside, a few well-deserved days outside WWE. What happened to you in this episode?

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