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  • YOUNGS In the presentation of Wembley, one of the members Queen, Brian MayHe said:

"Bohemian Rhapsody is not a movie about Queen, it's a movie about Freddie."

It was a lie to keep the honor of truth in the story Queen, they have emphasized that the various aspects of the film are not the protagonists of real life events. Too many lies

Producers stressed the wounds they put on the armchair, although they made it according to the history of the film Queen and Freddie Mercury, "Bohemian Rhapsody is not a documentary", so they graduated and were made certain adjustments to reality. The attention of the film was diverted from attention.

British rock band Queen was founded in 1970 Movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" The story about the reality of the group is very different. The first main lie.

In the movie, Freddie Mercury Finds the guitarist for the first time Battery Brian May and Roger Taylor in 1970after a performance SmileQueen of the Queen.


This happens, by chance, after Tim Staffell's bassist and singer have retired from the band. According to the film, Mercury did not convince them, but they were left with the band.

Big liar is that reality Freddie Mercury He worked with classmates while studying art and design Ealing Art College London.There, Mercury became friends Tim Staffell, It was part of the Smile group May and Taylor, and soon became a fan of the group. When Staffell team left in 1970, two friends joined the Mercury team.

John Deacon He came together Queen as a beginner in 1971. It consists of the date on which the bass originated John Deacon

The film defines Freddie Mercury as part of the band Deacon was part of the group since the beginning.

However, it is true that Freddie did not only persuade May and Taylor to change the name of the group Queen, but when they joined the group in 1971. John Deacon's bassist.


This is another character that appears in the film and is far from reality Ray Foster, EMI executive drive. According to a fictional account, Foster did not initially refuse to produce the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" because it was too long and the band wanted to make commercial music.

Giant lie There is no evidence Ray Foster in reality. The EMI manager can be inspired, Roy Featherstone, though he himself It was a great Queen fan, a movie like Foster.

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin It was a love relationship that became a constant friendship. In the movie, Mercury is known to join his girlfriend Mary Austin joined the night in the 1970s. Falsehood

Actually, he was not interested until he became his own The queen's bossThe film also creates fictional stories Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton, Hutton worked as a waiter in both parties at a party organized by the singer.


In real life, that's it They came in a nightclub.Hutton said that when he was invited to become a beverage in 1984 when he had rejected mercury, he did not recognize at that time, Mercury was a star.She worked at the Hutton hairdressing salon Savoy hotel in London. When they met again in 1985, they never again distinguished themselves. His relationship lasted seven years, until death Mercury in November 1991

Hutton himself was diagnosed with AIDS in 1990 and did not feature the movie in an important place because the film ended with a concert at Queen's concert in a mega concert Live Help 1985 in LondonHis relationship with Mercury soon happened
Near the end of the film, Freddie Mercury knows AIDS and helps supporters before the Live Aid concert. They're the most amazing lie, even if Freddie Mercury has seen a good performance video, it has a good health.

It's the shameful issue of the movie. Look Rami Malek, On the side of Freddie, it is very grotesque. It should never be included. It's ridiculous. But people have not seen Freddie's performance or not remembering it.

Freddie Mercury he died November 24, 1991By personality Jim Hutton, Mercury did not know his illness until 1987, and was not officially announced November 23, 1991, a month before.This is perhaps the pathetic violation of the film.


John Deacon said:

"I never have a film to detect its events in a punitive way. It's as if Freddie Mercury wanted to punish the film. LDue to AIDS, the tragic death of Mercury began in the 90s as a key factor in getting to know the disease. The relationship with his Live Aid that connects his illness seems frivolous and cruel. "

Certainly the presentation Queen in a charity concert Wembley support, United Kingdom, was the most famous band in 1985.

The film took part in a concert after a long period of time, without seeing its faces. But there was no such thing, since the band released the "T" album last year"It worked" and made a tour of the world to present the album to the larvae.

It's fun, another great lie, in such a bad movie. In the film, Mercury signed 4 million single contracts without saying to its team members and created a tension in the group.

Later, you see how the singer said the need rest of the group Each one had to take his own way. The group took it rest in 1983, but the members always kept it.

What happened in real life is the team In 1983, he lost his famine in 1983 after having traveled for ten years. All members decided to take a break Focus your careers alone.

The members of the group did not lose contact and in 1983 "Works, " "Radio Ga Ga" was a success, maybe it could be the best support group performance. Lady Gaga He took the name of the song, he did not know the subject matter he wrote Roger Taylor Eivissan When I heard a song that was "caga" I could not use it.

That's why many critics call it the movie Bohemian GAGA.


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