Thursday , March 23 2023

12 million toys reach the girls and boys of Aberri


The Minister of Public Power for National Trade, Eneida Laya, received 12 million shipments of toys on Thursday at the Puerto Cabello Warehouse in the state of Carabobo.

He informed that the toys will be distributed through the governors in coordination with the Community Councils and the Local Supply and Production Commission (CLAP).

“We are fulfilling the order of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, to guarantee a Merry Christmas to the girls and boys and to the homeland. We pick up toys that will be distributed from street to street and from house to house, ”he said.

He explained that the submission includes educational and musical toys for babies, as well as playful toys for adults, bicycles and skateboards, as mentioned in the MinComercio press release.

The head of the National Trade Portfolio has assured that this social protection mechanism, the premise of the Bolivarian Government, has not stopped despite the imperial blockade and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Many bet that the pandemic would not happen as a result, on the contrary, it is true that the toys are here and already distributed in 12 states, Antsoátegui, Amazonas, Delta Amacuro, Táchira, Bolívar, Zulia, Trujillo, Guárico, Cojedes and Monagas,” he said.

The minister said the toys will be distributed nationwide from December 16.

“We lack 13 states to make up 100% of the regions,” the minister said, while acknowledging the efforts of other state institutions that have made it possible to pick up a burden.

“We are organized and that is what has allowed us to fight the war and the blockade. The President will continue to strengthen the protection mechanisms, the only thing we need is to lift this criminal blockade, as Venezuelans grow up in the face of difficulties, ”he explained.

Minister Laya made a tour of the Warehouse through the process of collecting containers, verifying security seals, recognizing merchandise, and later distributing them under the supervision of State security agencies in a civic union. military-police.

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