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6D vote means emancipating people from imperial powers – Vice-President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Delcy Rodríguez: The 6D vote entails emancipating people from imperial powers

The headline of the site is Delcy Rodríguez: The 6D vote entails freeing people from imperial power

Republican Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez has said he is preparing for the Dec. 6 parliamentary election to be an epic feat for the Venezuelan people in a context fueled by U.S. imperialism trying to impose its neocolonial model.

“They are not any election, because the Venezuelan people are taking place in a context where the exercise of sovereignty is threatened, attacked and criminally blocked by imperial governments, so this Sunday’s vote becomes a statement to emancipate people from the powers they want to subjugate,” Rodriguez said.

During the Samuel Robinson Institute’s “Crisis and Democracy Challenges in the Multipolar Era” conference, Rodriguez said Venezuela will once again be an example to the world that “despite drowning, economic war, assassination attempts, the country’s government is trying to replace the Venezuelan people with a mercenary contract.” and will go out to express themselves this Sunday in the civil union ”.

With this in mind, he has determined that a new page in the history of the republic will be written in Venezuela, where people will come together to vote to punish those who have committed theft, robbery and accumulation of foreign wealth in foreign lands and demanded illegal sanctions.

“We will vote to speak out against the criminal blockade, illegal sanctions and unilateral coercive measures imposed by the U.S. government.

He also stressed that Venezuela stands and that the imperial powers have not been able to defeat the people, “nor will they succeed, as is the case in our history, because those who subjugate and extort us to twist our democratic will are doomed to failure.” he confirmed.

He recalled in his speech that Venezuela is the epicenter of a major geopolitical operation deployed by the US empire, punished with a harsh package of unilateral coercive measures that have affected all levels of its social, cultural and economic life.

The world needs to change its hegemonic patterns

“The world is immersed in a deep crisis because it has chosen a model of production, reproduction, interconnection, a model of hegemony, military, nuclear, financial and energy dominance of the imperial poles and the world’s ungovernable de facto powers,” said the executive vice president.

In view of this, he assured that the challenge now is to build democratic models aimed at providing a service to the population.

“The current challenge for the peoples of the world is to build a democratic model of protection for humanity and its citizens,” he said.

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