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90% of strokes can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle

Publication date 01/31/2019 16:25:06CET


90% of the cases of traces can be prevented and a healthy lifestyle, according to specialists, Specialists in the Neurology Service at the University Clinic of Gran Canaria, a reference center in Las Palmas for the achievement of mechanical thrombocytoma.

This prevention is directed and treated by the variable risk factors: hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, smoking, obesity, sedentary, alcohol and drug consumption, stress and previous heart disease.

The Department of Health of the Canary Islands has announced that professionals recall that stroke is the second cause of Spanish death, the first cause of the inability of adults in the case of women. second dementia

In this way, the symptoms of the blow occur suddenly and unexpectedly, and if their types depend on the area of ​​the brain affected, there are abrupt changes in languages, which are difficult to speak or understand; or loss of strength or sensation in part of the body.

Additionally, it creates sudden changes in one view, with visual loss, visual vision, double vision or in the visual field where objects can be accessed; loss of coordination or balance; or a very intense headache and other habitual headaches.

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