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A monument worthy of Wade Warriors is worth a visit at the entrance to the Arena de Miami

If you noticed a small earthquake in Miami, do not panic, Epicenter is in the American Airlines Arena, after the spectacular wand of the Dwyane Wade basket and after the avalanche of the following players.

The triple branch of Wader, after walking on a Jordan Belle stopper, Miami team won 126-125 against the NBA champion on Wednesday after the end of the heart. The game came out of the fridge.

Wade tied for the first time in the minute 118, and then triple the heat brought a point, when some fans left the AAA. Kevin Durant scored the lead by Golden State, who did not imagine a 13.9-second free-kick shot and Heat's keeper stole the game.

Before, 1:07 was missing, Durant took advantage of four advantages after a triple following free throw. Bam Adebayo with two free players, Miami approached two. Then Kelly Olynyk kept his three pointers recovering the ball and began to regain the race. Bell seemed to have ruled on the line, but D-Wade did not finish 25 points.

Goran Dragic postponed with 27 points and one of the 20 of the second. Josh Richardson went to second place and went to 21, Kelly Olynyk got a spark on 15.

Justise Winslow finished 12, and Bam Adebayo started today with 11 points and 10 times.

The best warriors were the 36-point Klay Thompson, Durantek 29, Stephen Curry, 24 and Bell 10.

He won three times more heat, Wade and a better shot (from 51.2% to 49.4%), plus 80% free shots and all after that. Suns.


In the first half he finished for the heat of 74-59, thanks to the excellent defense and with Goran Dragic's 25 points, he led the team's attack and scored 63.2% of the successful shot in the basket.

In the second quarter, Miami won 32-22, after initially debating, Wade (7 points) was able to incorporate points like Curry, Thompson and Durant, next to Olynyk's (9) trio.

The Heat also won 42-37 in the second group, and eventually won 25 points with the 20th Dragon, although the Golden State was reduced by the end of the 15th.

Warriors approached third and third times three times at three points at 3:20 p.m., until Curry passed the last image. Golden State wins 33-26, but it could not be overcome and the Heat stopped 100-92 before surprised by Spoelstra after impressing Udonis Haslem Olynyk.

Eight points earlier, he reached the final quarter of Miami with a small Spoelstra team, as he was the only Haslem male. At 7:38 at 7 Warriors three got three baskets with three triple Curry and Durant soon linked first times for the first time.

He reacted to heat and opened a four point bonus four minutes later, but Thompson was soon closed, reaching 116-114 points, two triples reaching 36 points and playing 3:16. Then Richardson binds 116 with the usual final, after a partial bet for Golden State 33-26.

After the victory, Heat continues to be the tenth (27-33), but the area of ​​play is approaching. This Thursday sees Houston and receives networks on Saturday.

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