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A new folding 2,600 USD from Huawei

UNITED STATES, Miami / Redaction.- In the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Huawei presented his own vision of a folding tube. Competition as soon as possible Samsung Galaxy Folds.

Huawei's "Mate X" 6.6-inch home screen and 6.38-inch rear screen. Once deployed, it becomes an 8-inch tablet. In addition, the folding tube is very suitable, its thickness is 5.4 mm, which is lower than the Apple Pro's new iPad. And according to those who have tried it, he feels very comfortable in his hand.

Because Huawei's design for its structure and folding system Falcon Wing Hinge, because the Chinese company feels very proud, it's really bent and even flat. And Huawei knows very well that customers are fantastic. Autoies, Mate X has a front camera system with the Leica German lens quality seal.

Also, the drop-down screen moves full-size pictures to the other level. Also, take advantage of multi-screen multitasking, multiple actions at the same time.

Price? Huawei folding is not only the price range set by Samsung Galaxy Fold comes close, but it's roughly the same. Mate X will be available in mid 2019 in June and will cost $ 2,600.

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