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After the interruption of the Boca River, he declared Macri Justice and promoted a bar against the project – 11/26/2018


It was not planned. The ministers Germán Garavano and Guillermo Dietrich had a regular contact at the Casa Rosada press office after a cabinet meeting. But Mauricio Macri appeared. In an 11-minute message, he was not allowed to accept any questions, after the suspension of the Superfinal between River and Boca told Justice Justice and appealed to Congressional sessions, for example, to debate a project for protecting some sentences against barrabravas.

"It was a sad and frustrating weekendWe have been working for many years to expand, grow and develop to another part of Argentina. It connects us with the rest of the world, which is why we continue to grow. What happened in this weekend did not do anything we were trying to do, "he said.

The Minister, Patricia Bullrich and Germán Garavano, the latter, said that "He has once again won a space of violence"although he warned" that is why there is nothing left to abolish the violence and mobs behind this violence. "

The Lehendakari also stated that "the only possible society is the law that governs and we are all the same," he said against "a part of leadership that manages these behaviors"and said" it is clearly not acceptable ".

There, he could send a tough message to justice: "How can these people make hours free? I do not understand in the name of Argentina, I do not understand." The same thing happened in Congress. he asked.

Macri also mentioned the attack suffered by the FIFA owner, Gianni InfantinoIt was staged in the Stage Monumental. "They are not just stones, I do not understand how anyone can guess correctly." We were told by the President of FIFA in the country and they told me they had a bad experience. How do people who think that the prison is good? he asked.

Without specific references to political reasons, Macrik said that "beyond the police operations, I can not give up leaving the whole area militarization, the whole city" as an event, such as a mere Superclassic.

"The judges, prosecutors, security forces and every one of us to end the violence of working together with citizens, I have no resignation," he added.

Bullrich explained the project that had a hardened phrase in the bars

Patricia Bullrich has not made any public statements until now, she explained on her own initiative that the Congress will take part in separate sessions "It classifies them as criminal offenses and not all conduct violence in a sporting event. "

Bullrich has said he will prohibit the entry into the bar court to "submit three-hour games to special games".

The project to be discussed in the Congress was presented by the executive power in 2016 2016, even though Rosada has made changes.

Bullrich denied the rape police and an unrestricted area to force violent actions: "In all G20 games and games, we work with the city as a whole. We do not have differences, we work as a team. It may be a discussion of operational data, there are always some, but they are small, "he said.

The minister ought to send a message to the opposition: "Tweeted leaders liked us He was criticized violently by throwing stones. There is a socially abnormal behavior, "he said.


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