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All key atopic dermatitis


Atopic dermatitis is one chronic inflammatory disease, dry skin and irritation, swelling and tendency itching Razors with risks, dryness, exudation, scabs and skin thickening injuries.

Filaggrin's deficit results in a protein that is found in the epidermis, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the entire skin tube. Without it, skin can not be hydrated and unable to stop the irritants.

A-Derma, Apoem, Avéne, Babe and Bioderma.
A-Derma, Apoem, Avéne, Babe and Bioderma.

The best allies against the atom …

1 A-Derma. Exomega shower and bath oil on the face and in a body gently cleanses and shields the tendency of glasses to alleviate. A formula that combines hygiene with the treatment will help rejuvenate the skin barrier and reduce skin irritation. It can be used both for newborns and adults (€ 18.09). 2 We support Basil & Bergamot Tonic Calm Toner relieves the soothing and fresh citrus scent. The combination of virginiana witch hazel, chamomile and pink water has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against DNA damage (€ 41). 3 Avène. With the biotechnological asset of thermal waters, the recovery cream restores the skin's function barrier and its sense of wellbeing. Dry skin drowsiness also causes skin flora (€ 25). 4 Babe With 40% emollient oils, this soap cleans and nourishes it slowly. The content of essential fatty acids regains the skin's hydration level, prevents dehydration and provides well-being. Relieve the pain and relieve the feeling of itching. (€ 19). 5 Bioderma. Atoderm SOS spray will immediately begin itching and calming for 60 minutes and six hours (€ 14.95).

Atópico Dermatitis World day, the doctor García Millán, of the Pedro Jaén Dermatology Groupskin disease can be prevented, treated and confronted. The ingredient recommends six tips to improve the quality of life of the sufferers:

  • Strengthen the occurrence without fear of using medication always regulated by doctors.
  • Do a short-term bath or shower over 5 minutes in warm water, never heat, and detergent with soap and oil.
  • Hydrated daily skin without exception, if there is no eczema or swelling.
  • Wear cotton suits and synthetic wool and wool so they can produce allergic reactions on the skin. Do not use to softener to clean.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, because they are enemies of cold and heat discovery.
  • A particular exposure to the sun can be beneficial, always avoiding sun protection and sunburn.
IFC, Ducray, Eucerin, Isdin and Nuggela & Sulé.
IFC, Ducray, Eucerin, Isdin and Nuggela & Sulé.

1 dermacare. The Sytet Atopic cleansing room is intended for everyday hygiene of the skin, without changing its natural balance. It has a light and pleasant texture (€ 21). 2 Ducray. Dexyane MeD is a reactive cream cream that treats, fixes and limits the repetition of lesions of lesions, and protects skin (€ 15.43). 3 Eucerin. With Omega and licochalcone oils, AtopiControl helps you reduce the discomfort caused by atopic dermatitis. It is very easily absorbed and moisturizes, reduces the relaxation and restlessness found in the skin. Suitable for children and children (€ 19.50). 4 Isdin. The skin is more exposed and more fragile. Pro-AMP Nutratopic strengthens the innate immune system of the skin by threatening external attacks and recovering the external barrier. It is a formula for children and adults (€ 16.96). 5 Nuggela & Sulé. Scalp is also irritated. Epigenetic shampoo, formulated for sensitive skin, helps prevent bleeding, reduces irritation and reduces irritation. Sensitive, atopic or dermatitis skin (€ 19.90).

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