Saturday , January 28 2023

An ATM in the US Deliver incorrectly $ 100 bills instead of 10


An ATM from the Bank of America in the US city of Houston was temporarily closed by the Police after a technical failure that nobody wanted to complain about. For about two hours from Sunday night until Monday morning, the machine erroneously delivered $ 100 bills instead of $ 10, according to AP.

The news about "free money" spread rapidly in social networks (initially, it was reported that the device dispensed with bills of 100 instead of 20) and a row of cars and local residents, who wanted to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, appeared in front of the cashier.

The officers of the Sheriff County Sheriff's Office arrived at the place several hours later, the ATM closed and notified the Bank of America. The crowd scattered quickly.

The banking authorities explained Monday that a provider placed 100 bills in the cashier instead of 10 dollars bills, adding that customers may be left with the money earned from the cashier.

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