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Answer by Diego Boneta after the Chilean actor

February 28, 2019, 09:06
Updated February 28, 2019, 09:16 AM

Diego Boneta, the Mexican actor who plays the production of Luis Miguel Netflix in the singer's life, was one of the guests of the Viña Festival, celebrated almost a week ago.

Boneta was one of the latest faces on the red carpet of the event and he made an actress with Mayte Rodríguez, which was recorded for multiple stores. As expected, the couple created multiple social media comments because they looked good. However, the Mexican actor had to be misconceived when they arrived at the event and reception. The first work by Francisca García Huidobro hosted the gala, which Boneta wanted to kiss.

Despite emphasizing García Huidobro, Mexico managed to crush him and finally kissed his cheek. However, the scene was unknown among audiences, who claimed Cheerleader Boneta's harassment on social networks.

When she received the second "incident", Viña Gala, when the actress Daniela Palavecino approached, asked Quinta Vergara on stage to recreate the tradition of the animators' kiss. "Here we have a tradition: animators with animators every night like a kabbalah, kiss each other in their mouths … and I'd like to recreate this situation, are you ready?" Asked the actress. "If it's a tradition, something can not be done, right?" He replied, and Palavecin took his neck and kissed him.

The critics of the actor were not delayed by adults and also accused of persecution. He defended himself as a misunderstanding of the videos and offered forgiveness for negative things.

"There was nothing uncomfortable or forced," said Palavecino.

Boneta, in fact, did not face two situations, up until yesterday, to inform Mexicans that the incident had occurred to her in Chile, extending the release of her Twitter account.

"Driver kissed Diego Boneta and sparked a debate: is harassment?", Say in the media in the social network. The publication has been answered by an actor with #MeToo shorts.

It should be remembered that the stalemate was created in 2017 after Harvey Weinstein's sexual act against film producer. Actress Alyssa Milano was the actress of viralism, asking women to share their experiences of surprise and abuse, using #MeToo. In spite of that, who was the answer to Chile, a publication that offers Mexican apologies.

"Pucha Diego, I hope you do not believe that Chile is all stalkers, I feel very bad for a bad time"; "I can only apologize for what you need to do here in Chile, it must be horrible, really upset"; "In Chile, I would like to thank you for forgiveness, I hope you did not get the wrong image," they were some comments from the users.

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