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Apple Music is a player with complete compatibility

Forward Apple just opened a little more to Apple Music to integrate their applications to third parties. Opening this is where we have seen some of the players that work with Apple Music. But why not do it with an app? Developer @tanmays He has done it and his Soor app is impressive.

The new Soor application is available in the App Store. Da Music player with full support from Apple Music and so we can play all the songs every time we connect to Apple Music. In my case, I tried the first day, I could not use the application. I've been with her for several months and I have confirmed, Apple Music is much more enjoyable with this application.

Dark-red reverse interface

Soor and the main feature Appel Music is an advantage over the interfaceIn the end, it will not make the songs better. Soor has a completely different interface with Apple, which is much more immersive and features and animations that provide a better user experience. Each icon has animation, it is a type of equalizer that encourages the playback screen, based on the "layers" that overlap in the application, and it is better to try to get everything.

Artboard 2 Dark mode, black mode and sound mode.

but This app that deserves something is dark in its darkness. The application has three themes, since it is a red orange color driver. However, we can change the theme, the color that is predominantly white, dark gray or black. The app also has a lot of gestures and small details. For example, when you move up, the start button automatically presses the "Search" button or the settings button, by sliding the screen.

Other sound functions

The application is not a nice interface, either It has options, for example, more detailed search In Apple Music. There is nothing wrong with Apple Musici about how bad content is. Soor's filter is easier with the album, author, title or universe. Another peculiar detail is to integrate with Musixmatch, so it only shows the songs of the song's lyrics, but highlights the part that is playing.

Copy of Artboard 2 Choices of a song, a list view, and drag and drop options.

On the other hand, I especially like dragging and dropping gesturesr. You can select individual lists, albums or songs to change play order in the play queue. While selecting one of these items, they appear on the bottom to mark them as "I want to", play them on the list or add them to play in the queue.

Artboard 2 Copy 2 If you select some options on the screen while switching on the onscreen screen or selecting anything that is not selected.

Music is an alternative that really deserves

Perhaps because it is an application that is completely different from design, maybe Apple has been running for years because of the fact that it is possible, because of these events … this is I can not stop Soor now what I know. It's an application that can be replaced by iOS Music, unlike local ones or downloaded songs. Here, with Apple Music we have integration (almost) integrated.

It's almost total Soor has some limits to be taken into account. Apple Music API does not support some details, such as deleting library songs or "Mix: Friends" playlist (it performs three custom lists). Other limits are found in the playlist, you can not rename, change the song order or delete songs. "Mix" as well as not being a friend, the rest in my case is irrelevant.


Soor is available at the App Store for a full price of 10.99 euros. No purchase or subscription application. My recommendation is an option, if you have a catch, you do not have an iPad app.

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