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Are there any penalties for a Venezuelan government change?


November 27, 2018 03:26
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Nicolás Maduro's government foresees a series of penalties, many of which corruption is corruption, corruption, corruption, crimes against humanity and in the case of country aggravation.

The United States, Canada and the European Union (EU) ordered the blockade of goods and introduced the prime minister, Nicolás Maduro, and the leaders of his government. Since 2015, penalties granted to officials and civil servants have advanced; In total, at least 76 were punished.

"Nicolás Maduro's government has made a great political effort in Europe and elsewhere, but at the end of 2018, most of the nations want governments to minimize their relationship with humanity's crimes," said Dr. Daniel Varnagy in Political Science Professor and coordinator of the Economics Course at Simón Bolívar University (USB). National Website.

Infography: Gabriela Galíndez – National Website

On November 6, the EU issued a series of abolished weapons and sanctions for alleged infringements of one year's human rights violations. The international organization considers that the country's state of affairs continues to deteriorate.

Varnago believes that penalties, pragmatic and symbolic components, create international pressure. "In a pragmatic aspect, Europe tries to weaken the power of power, it has nothing to do with symbolism, authoritarian regimes, based on the decline of citizens and those who have lived in a moment," he explained. .

According to Venezuelan politician Julio Castellanos, the reasons for accepting sanctions are to break the democratic maturity and violate human rights violations.

"The European community extends its punishment when motives are still there," Maduro said the government did not intend to compensate for the democratic national institute and the law-abiding harm ".

In spite of the fact that Castellanos had a much more difficult sanction, he assured that penalties should be truly universal in order to recover the constitutional thread.

"It is necessary for Venezuelan countries to punish the coalition that includes international (including China and Russia)," said Castellanos, in spite of this condition, Maduro's government will be financially financially able to maintain its cost. citizen suffering

Interview: a real solution?

The Lima Group members do not accept the possibility of military intervention in Venezuela while other European nations and regions are considered to be the necessary penalties for Maduro's government pressure. For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Government, Josep Borrell, said that international pressure is a kind of solution that "sterilized" is not a condition for dialogue.

Julio Castellanos, a political scientist, argued that the government should use a government over the international conspiracy. "The regime would be in its hands against the internal enemies that blatantly and violently hate". He also explained that the word "conversation" is the word "negotiation".

"It's the most sensible pursuit of a negotiated solution for the Venezuelan junction, and it's also the rest of the EU and the international community," said the expert.

Professor Daniel Varnagy has indicated that talks can be made based on the negotiations on the table.

"Negotiations outside the constitution are not ethical or at least not legal, nevertheless, negotiations must be based on the rule of law, jurisprudence and respect for the concept of the current constitution," he said.

Varnago pointed out that not all of the consensual concepts of ethical concept can not be classified as an agreement. "The country's situation is so terrible that it can only be an alternative order through a system change, this system's change is an ethical order," he says.

What is expected for 2019?

Experts believe that the deterioration in the quality of life in Venezuela may worsen if hyperinflation and food shortages are maintained by governments.

"Those who choose legitimate and transparent elections with national credibility and national confidence, can face a crisis of decision-making in the midst of a crisis," said Castellanos.

There are three issues that concern the nation: controlling citizen security is becoming increasingly militarized, the inability of regional governments to interfere with job placements (a massive unions union 2019) would be a peaceful and violent way.

"Peaceful spaces do not have a risky attitude toward public attitudes, whether committed by radicals or trying to act violently," he said.

On the other hand, Daniel Varnagy has emphasized that, although official announcements are not exchanged, there is no country in which hyperinflation is supported by government regulations.

"By the end of the year, national governments may be witnesses to increase protests, public services, food and medicine, and so the government will understand at times that the model is a non-permanent model over time," he said.

Penalties next year will be increased by international organizations and nations worldwide warned of the legitimacy of President Maduro on 10 January. The National Assembly assures that the 20th of 20th of 20th of 20th of 20th, which believe that there will be a power vacuum in 2019, will not be illegal, they said, the international community should work together to achieve a democratic recovery.

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