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Barcelona did not pardon Real Madrid and got into another Cup final

February 27, 2019 6:00 PM
Updated February 27, 2019 6:40 PM

Soccer does not always win the team that plays best, but the most powerful one. And it was not necessary that Barcelona do a brilliant match to score 0-3 to Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabéu and rank for the sixth time in a row to a Copa del Rey final.

After signing in the first leg, the team led by Ernesto Valverde set aside the control of the game and appealed to the forcefulness to dominate his staunch rival, which was superior during much of the commitment, but lacked the force to inaugurate the board

The table was served. From the start, Real Madrid pressed the rival territory asphyxially, causing Barcelona to run out of spaces to generate in-depth passes or triangulations.

The minutes were running and the match without goals was maintained. The tribe led by Santiago "El Indiecito" Solari did not get tired of pressing, attacking and kicking, especially on the left side, where the Brazilian Vinicius Júnior unbalanced constantly and overwhelmingly.

The first half culminated with the feeling that the merengue set was superior, but lacked forcefulness to open the can, an aspect that did not lack Barcelona after 50 minutes when Frenchman Ousmane Dembélé unbalanced right and attended the Uruguayan Luis Suarez, who did not forgive.

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