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Battle Differences on both sides of the Battle Royale


Today we will talk to you & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; and "Fortnite & # 39; differences betweenBattle Royale games that win the popularity of mobile devices. "Fortnite Battle Royale" does not have much to talk about, it's a game around the world, whose popularity does not grow, and Garena Free Fire & # 39; An interesting alternative is to get the reputation of focusing on and optimized for devices on phones.

We started talking about different philosophies that signify the titles in the mobile device game. Then we will continue the main differences When they are playing, talk about weapons, classifications, characters, and their micropasts.

Versatility versus mobile


Two matches do not match Strategy of your available platforms. & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; It looks for a cross game and reaches as many devices as possible. For this reason, you can play on both Windows and Mac computers and next-generation consoles, both for PS4 and Xbox One or for Nintendo Switch. In addition, Android and iOS mobile devices have also arrived.

A very good strategy is to grow fast, allowing you to play with your friends or your neighbors, regardless of their devices or consoles. But it's a downside and offers a similar experience when you need more mobile specs, and a kind of game that turns into your desktop is not always convenient for your phone.

Free Fire

Meanwhile, & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; da A game exclusively developed for mobile devices, for iOS and Android devices. This can greatly motivate many people with different types of devices, but their developers allow them to create a game that places their mobile players peculiar to each other.

For example, games are shorter and faster, with half player per game at once. And above all, Game "Fortnite & # 39; It weighs much less than it., which allows the playback devices to have fewer specifications or have less free space. For this benefit, graphics are slightly less defined to help you play more devices properly.

In all cases, Garena's games have some graphics, and Fortnite & # 39; It stands out from the details of the peculiarity of the genre's other mobile opponents. Do not forget that your phone is playing on the phone, it is a party that is not as important as the big screen.

When playing the main differences


Free Fire

Players by game

100 players

50 players

Average game duration

20 minutes

10 minutes

Game modes

Alone, Duo, team

Alone, Duo, team

Special events



on maps



The main difference between these two games is the duration and the participant in each game. & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; Trying to reduce the time it takes for each one, so it's faster It has reduced the number of players As for "Fortnite", only 100 players from 100 games with epic games.

This means, on average, an average of about 20 minutes' Fortnite & # 39; While the game lasts, "Free Fire" is 10 to 15 minutes on average. That means that You have to wait a little less time in Garena When you die, you can start it.

However, the starting point and the way of playing are the same. Like most Battle Royals, in both games, the game jumped in the air from the beginning You must decide on the field of map you wish to land on. Additionally, depending on the location of the map recreation area in both titles.

However, there is an important difference that changes the strategy to be fully followed, which is the construction mode. Epic Games continues to distinguish between other games to build all kinds of structures Protecting the material you collect with the game, which means that the victory opportunity does not depend on what happens in the rest of the Battle Royals, but also on the construction of your reflections.

In the rest, two games are purely third-party shooters, and try not to annoy their users occasionally by providing special events. Of course, & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; The action always takes place on the map while it receives changes during each season & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; In the session the action can be divided into two different maps.

And in terms of gameplay, in both titles you can play games in pairs or pairs. In this way, there is not much difference, even if it is in different ways, such as "Free Fire & # 39; Mortal Race or Fortnite 20×20 & # 39; like In any case, and focusing principally, you can play in two games with your friends.

Weapons, rankings, payments and characters

These two games have very similar types of weapons, which are grouped between sniper rifles, rifles, guns and large rifles. However, there are differences to be taken into account. For example, & # 39; Fortnite & # 39; It has a color scheme that detects and effectively defuse weapons, even if they are not allowed to be expanded.

On the other hand, in "Free Fire" you can use a lot of extra weapons to make better damage or increase the load on your chargers. In addition, you can take five items in the Epic Games game backpack, including weapons, including Garena regardless of the three weapons When you wear it in your backpack.

Both games have a classified system and a career mode, as the progress of each player is stored. "Fortnite" and its level of progress is quite general, similar to the platform, one after another and other details. Nowadays, the competitors depend on the factors that score during the season during each season.

There is also a different philosophy about the characters that each game has. EN & # 39; Free Fire & # 39; Each character has its own abilityThey can be loaded with different items and customize them with different clothes or equipment. For this reason, the selection of characters can be one of the strategies to consider before starting each game.

On the other hand, the selection of the "Fortnite" character does not affect so many games, because the skills are always the same, and the equipment that you can acquire and modify is completely cosmetic. Come on, the character selection in this game does not give you advantages or disadvantages, and it does not affect so much strategy.

And finally, we will talk about micropasts, where both games continue to be a very similar strategy. Both are very freeAlthough you can spend real money customizing to personalize different customization elements. In both cases there are internal currencies that can be included in different ways, but if you do not have many patents, you will go to real payments.

The advantages of this will be left only in the aesthetic part, so the conditions of the game have not changed your pocket as to how completely and true your reflexes and strategies are.

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