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Bill Bitmain sued for five million dollars – Mines mining with the sale of equipment CriptoNews


According to the legal profession, Gevorkyan Bitmain's ASIC is a member since January of this year, he has purchased various equipment, including Antimer S9. According to Gevorkyan, the product is difficult to configure, so this process takes a long time.

Although determined by the time the dispute was set up by the Ministries, it also guarantees the judicial action against Bitmain This new practice adds an additional cost for the initial operations of each device.

In fact, the tribunals receive compensation for economic damages, as they are violated by the Unfair Competition Law (UCL), "behavior that invalidates the public policy", is not moral, non-ethical, oppressive, and non-scrupulous. "That is why lawyers They demand compensation of $ 5 million.

The court also has enrichment and illegal conversions. In this regard, the company notifies its company "with its customers equipment". He also added that considering that the mining is just a small part of his business, "Bitmain is less responsible for complying with promised orders to send the equipment as soon as possible."

Bitmain actions are being processed for company companies in two companies. Delaware, United States and the other in Beijing, China.

Bitmain, one year full of reversals

This action against the mining entrepreneurship is being banned by the Director-General of BitMain Jihan Wu's rumors of removal, and then after some comparisons with his Initial Public Offer.

In addition, the latest performance of the equipment, Antminer S15 and T15, both with 7 nm chips, is a huge doubt that, even so far, the company is not clear about the operation of these devices.

At this moment it is unknown how the court will begin to demand this.

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