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Bitcoin Cash's ABC update may include weaknesses. | CriptoNews


According to BitMEX Research, Bitcoin Cash ABC post-bifurcation updates presents some of its weaknesses in its protocol.

Bitcoin ABC has updated its client, a new version 0.18.5, with the control points divided into 10 channels. According to the developers of this update, the intention is to avoid attacks on the reorganization of the block (rejoins) After the ongoing threats posed by the Bitcoin Cash Network (BCH) after the November 15 bifurcation. However, while updating the chain rewrites the risk of attackers, It introduces a new attacker vector to exploit malicious miners, According to BitMEX.

In the BitMEX research group's cryptography change house, the update allows an attacker to take an alternative. reorg. In the way they explain, the control point is a "good chain" division for each 10 blocks, that is, the main chain. According to the research, as soon as 10 blocks were made, An attacker could have a parallel chain of hidden points. In this way, Bitcoin Cash ABC network miners may undermine the malicious block in the first place and others will weaken the honest block.

BitMEX researchers believe that the control points may be "conflicting" with Bitcoin Cash in the ABC network. Additionally, the possibility of making a division into consensus is "harmful to the network" as the block reorganization is an enemy.

On the other hand, Bitcoin developers Eric Wall said the 10-block controls allow miners to attack the nodes that are already in the "still synchronization" of miners. temporarily disconnected

According to Wallen, unclassified nodes can receive malicious chain blocks in the first place, which is why the honest string would be excluded from that moment. In this sense, BitMEX claims that Bitcoin ABC's update on Bitcoin's white paper suggests that "nodes can be networked and online will mean again"; Instead, nodes need a 24/7 online connection.

Wall is also notable only 10 blocks of mining are required to take control of the network. Such an attack, by developersIt costs € 27,000 and does not require a 51% processing power required to execute the attack. In fact, it guarantees the computer Antimer S9 is only required to manage the most malicious chain.

Also, possible alternative attacks are not the only problems faced by Bitcoin Cash ABC version 1.08.5. The new application's critique is another point that "gives developers greater power and centralizes the increase". Bitcoin commented on Professor Andreas Antonopoulos and disseminator Twitter account "We need to have skeptic changes in decentralized networks."

In this sense, BitMon notes that accessing these control points does not give the developers greater power, Unlike the Bitcoin network control points, the Bitcoin ABC client's new version "points will automatically generate node software and not the development team."

However, at this time, BitMEX is unclear how to enter control points that symbolizes a "significant improvement" of the BCH ABC network security.

At the same time, researchers believe that the new Bitcoin ABC client update did not start before "proper exploration". Especially, considering that inserting control points is a fundamental change in the consensus dynamics.

After the threat, the troops arrived

Bitcoin Cash's pre and post crossroads were numerous. The Ecosystem became a fierce fight against threats and threats to mining pools. Despite threats, Bifurcation has occurred, which has begun Bitcoin Cash ABC update.

During the launch of the update, Bitcoin SV promoter Calvin Ayre proposed a truce truce. Ayre said it's time to quit fighting, because Bitcoin SV is a real Bitcoin Cash. In addition, the CoinGeek chief made an agreement to bring legal action against aggressive reconciliation or attacks against his website.

On the other hand, developers and developers of Bitcoin Cash ABC have not commented on this situation.

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