Tuesday , June 22 2021

Bitcoin is under $ 4,000, Bakrut delays its future, mining and more CriptoNews

This week, the news on the market has been the result of a steady decline in the price of curiosities and cryptonics, and they hinder the $ 4,000 over the weekend. For this reason, it captures the feelings of the cryptomercate between capitalizes or resistance, paying attention to the market behavior.

The most important news are:

  • The Spanish State Tax Administration Agency has identified 15,000 contributors to cryptoconferencing, After obtaining information about cryptoconference operations Banking, exchange, mediation, and business clients billing with cryptography.
  • Bakkid will delay next January 24, 2019, the future contracts Bitcoin that will be marketed on December 12. According to Bakter, this is by Kelly Loeffler, CEO They have plans to add new product features.
  • If the sensation of investors is compared to the price drops, capitalization and endurance (holding) are. According to Santiment's data English words capitulate and capitulate have been increased Telegram and Reddit groups, even words Hodl and hold They showed much more activity than previous activities.
  • On November 21, Ufold users received a fraudulent message It replaced the company's official domain. A coupon was offered to return the loan to 15% of funds, Black Friday. USD 2,400 registered and sent a fraudulent address.


  • A U.S. U.S. U.S. Bank Report announces the central issue of the central bank's digital currency in that country He entered his design phase and it would be ready in 2019. The purpose of the plan is to make cross-border payments between specific banks.
  • The hash or processing power of the cryptographic device network is decreased with market prices. Some indicators of miners They have disconnected their devices They can not afford everyday money.
  • Bitcoin downturned its price trend on November 24 when cryptoconferencing broke into $ 4,000, Trading at $ 3,813.86, which indicates a 11.85% delay.
  • The Argentine criminal was jailed for two years, dropping 500 euros from their sales platform in December 2017. Criminal charges "computer fraud"And the violation of secrets and identity."

Thus, the week was very active in the crypt market events when volatility came back. The latest news about plans and bitcoin derivatives and cryptographic technology projects indicate that the ecosystem is progressing.

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