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Capture the spectacular image of planet Venus on the islands

A photo taken this week with Aguadilla is shown with great detail about the planet Venus. It is a planet that shines brightest from the point of view of the Earth.

"Venus seems early on the morning, and at dawn on Thursdays it is even more striking to see the bitter Moon and Jupiter on the planet," said the Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC).

The educational institution has stated that this beautiful sky view is best valued at 4:30. and 6:00 a.m.

Efraín Morales, one of the most magnificent astrophotograms of the SAC, took Venus's image, as well as some details on the surrounding planet.

The SAC explained that Venus looks at the phases of the moon, because we see the illuminated planet on the planet, it's a planet close to the Sun. "On the other hand, when we look at a planet like Jupiter, we can see its location far from our orbits with its brightly sphere, added the organization

With respect to the brightness of the Venus, the SAC explained that this is due to the fact that the atmosphere has solid clouds of sulfuric acid and, combined with the relative proximity of the Sun, it can be a planet bear reflective and shiny. "Most of them are also the planet is there About On the ground, "said the educational institution.

Recently said approximately 54 million km (33.5 million million) from the planet, Venus now has 80 million (129 million km) from the Earth.

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