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Charlie Lee, Litecoin Creator, will be more fungible and private

Charlie Lee, Litecoin Creator (LTC), has said that using cryptoconferencing is crucial twit January 28.

Lee said that "the curiosity and lack of money that Litecoin's money earns is the only extravagance that earns money," saying "the next warrior will be functionality and privacy."

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The consequence of the tweet is that the developers want to make the implementation of Litecoin's private transactions:

"Now, I'm making littein more fungible, adding trusting transactions."

The answer to another same tweet, Lee I explained Litecoin's confidential transactions that can be added to a litmus subtle. Soft bifurcation is a change in the source code of a chain code, which does not divide block division, just like with a hard fork.

Read it too I stated Updates would be "sometime 2019" in the same way.

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Fungibility is money, because each unit of a given property has the same value of the same type and the same asset as the same unit. As Cointelegraph stated earlier, Bitcoin Functionality (BTC) previously questioned bitcoins as part of the "infected" activities in particular to reduce their value.

Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC) and Dash (DASH) are called privacy so that Bitcoin and other alcohol-related problems, such as anonymity and functionality, are not enough.

Today, Litecoin is the seventh largest cryptography, according to market capitalization, until close to 2% growth per day.

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