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Cryptography: CryptoNews could be stolen by 9.4% of our portfolio

Cryptopia announced that the New Zealand Exchange will save on losses and damages after its hacking platform in January of this year. The company's latest update was released on February 14.

The investigation continues, according to the information provided by the exchange house Your account on Twitter on the social network. According to the latest findings, du Holdingsen 9.4% Cryptography cryptography could be compromised.

The exchange office did not provide more details about the image, nor the amount stated in the cryptographic or fiduciary currency:

Update: We continue to evaluate the impact caused by hacking in January. Today, we have calculated that in the worst case, 9.4% of our shares were stolen. Please check our page for current updates.


The exchange company says "it's a guarantee for each purse." individually"To resume his activity, they also recommend it Do not save funds In old Cryptopia addresses, users who want to use the exchange house must ensure that they have a new address.

Remember that on January 15, the exchange office canceled all sales services after a "security breach" caused by "significant losses", according to an official document published by the company. The lost funds would be ETH, CENNZ and DAPS.

15 days later, the attackers were still controlling their exchange-house bags. Then, they attacked another, and stole some 1,675 ETHs. According to Elementus, companies revised during the financial year attacked 17,000 outlets on the New Zealand platform.

The New Zealand authorities were invited to investigate the ceremony. In fact, in the event of an incident, a few days later, the country's police said company's forensic digital evaluation. In addition, a study was conducted directly at the headquarters of the residence hallIn Christchurch, until the workers were eliminated at the facility, until February 14 he has The authorities were allowed to re-enter the offices.

"We want to clarify this Cryptography is working closely with the research team and today, the report said that the "attacking" building by the police is quite wrong, "security forces said about eviction.

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