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Cryptopia drama is not over: it stole another 180 thousand dollars. | CriptoNews

After two weeks of worsening, the New Zealand Cryptopia exchange house was again attacked on Tuesday. On this occasion, 1,675 ETH were stolen, equivalent to 180,000 dollars, according to current market prices. According to Elementus, companies revised during the financial year attacked 17,000 outlets on the New Zealand platform. Hackers bags can be accessed by private keys.

Keep in mind that on January 15 Cryptopia was informed about its platform hacking. The number stolen at that time was unknown, Elementus reported the following days, according to the first estimates of hacking losses, 16 million ETH and sites were stolen by ERC20.

ETH income of $ 3.6 billion relates to other areas such as Dentacoin, Oyster Pearl, ML Lisk and Centrality. The calculations are not included in the amounts of the BTC So far, Bitcoin blockchain has not been analyzed.

Now, and according to the CEO of Elementus, Max Galka, after several days, was not attacked:

After more than 16 million attacks, Cryptopia hackers began to attack again 1,675 ETH (approximately $ 180,000 in current market rates), another 17,000 Cryptopia fox.

Among the foreground portfolio we have identified 1,948 backgrounds in the portfolio, some of which continued to accumulate in recent years.

Max Galka, CEO, Elementus

After this new event, it's clear The exchange company does not have the control of private key private keys. "Hackers have private keys and can be extracted from any Cryptopia wallet," Galka said.

This is another element that stands out from the Cybersecurity Company, After hacking there are also tokens that still carry purses that receive ETH or this box. This could be some pools Mining companies have decided to receive "immediate payment" profits using Cryptopia as a bridge.

"Surely, these payments are being sent in the name of miners who enter through direct deposit", explains Galka.

The New Zealand exchange house has not talked, this is a police officer and is under investigation. Through social networks, they only shared a short Twitter message via the account: "Keep track of this page for getting updates about the situation", along with a link to visit current-day news in the case of police New Zealand

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