Friday , January 15 2021

Discover the finalist designs of the new Monster Hunter World

In December it was announced that Capcom was working on the expansion Monster Hunter World, Iceborn. However, this is not everything, because the company invited the users to design a weapon included in the game. The deadline for submission of proposals ended, and he shared the finalists in Capcom.

The designers made their way to Capcomri until February, and after that, the Japanese company published the best ideas on Twitter. In total, in the final phase there are 20 weapons and their designs vary: there are clubs, suitcases, saws, shields, swords, bracelets, harpoons, bows, spears and even weapons. You can see them below.

See 20 fascinating designs

If you liked one of them, you can vote to be the best value and appear in the hunting title. During the writing of this news, it is a glittering lightning rod, then a sword with feathers, following a series of iconic feline series.

Hopefully this weapon has been introduced IceborneIt has a window that will be launched this autumn.

What design did you like? Have you already voted for your favorite? What do you think will win? Tell us in comments.

After receiving information about this series, recently Uniqlo and Capcom have been announcing the alliance of designer entrepreneurs to see the images they have in stores. Monster Hunter and other acclaimed franchises. Monster Hunter World It has been a success in Japanese sales, which is part of the list of physical sales in that country, but it has not only been received, but it has also been successful in Europe and America thanks to its user base. from your computer. All of the above falls on the franchise's finger as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Monster Hunter World The beginning of the year is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can find more information about this link or read our review.

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