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Discover the WhatsApp symptoms of dependence and how to treat it

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application today, communicating through millions of people every day, but many of its users take extreme use to spend hours on this platform.

According to the Mexican Debate, the coordinator of the Faculty of Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the Autonomous Community of Mexico (UNAM), Erika Villavicencio, said he is still discussing cases in which WhatsApp may have dependency.

Villavicencio offered a Unam Global declaration that said dependence on the application could not be dependent on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Manual in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Manuals.

According to the expert, some of the warning signals for WhatsApp are: for a long time, this is how long this application goes, when new messages do not arrive, physical appearance or sleep, direct or maintain interpersonal communication.

It can also be a low performance in work or study and anxiety is suffered when your device runs out of battery or signal. Additionally, among these signs, you can not verify your device if you feel you're trying to limit your use of this tool or feel emotionally wrong.

The specialist tells you to overcome this condition, which you must first diagnose. Then, the treatment would begin with cognitive behavioral therapy. If addiction is more advanced, drug therapy would be combined.

"It is important that IKT is a part of today's life and that we are not fighting against the present, but we must use it in a proper way to improve life in different areas without affecting the individual or any other field," he said. .

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