Friday , February 3 2023

Do not panic for MLB-MGM agreement


He saw coming The MLB became the most recent professional sports league in the United States on Tuesday to partner with a game operator.

Major League Officer Rob Manfred himself announced an agreement with MGM Resorts International, whose economic terms were not disclosed.

Photo by Mark Makela / Getty Images

With this pact, MLB Great Leagues simply follow the steps of the NBA and the NHL to receive your chop from the cake and no one is surprised sooner than later, the NFL and the MLS do the same.

According to the pact, MGM sports betting houses will begin to use the official baseball figures and will have access to improved statistics exclusively.

In addition, MLB intellectual property, such as league logos and equipment, will appear in the advertising of MGM and the betting houses of the company.

MGM will also be present in the Game of the Stars and the World Series.

But do not panic. This does not mean that baseball runs the risk of being stained by bets, as in the 1919 World Series.

Since the world is a world, bets have existed in baseball games and this step will simply legitimize a practice that is not always lawful to prevent the money it generates from going to another direction.

In May, the Supreme Court annulled the Amateur and Professional Sports Protection Law of 1992, a federal statute that had restricted sports bets sponsored by the state mainly to Nevada.

Since the ruling, the regulated betting houses have been opened in Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

Of course, a more stringent monitoring and control mechanism is imposed that prevents people involved in the decisions and results of the games participating in the bets.

But this refers to the fanatics. They will be the spectators and not the actors and this agreement should not affect the integrity of the game at all.

It's a way more than MLB, an industry that generates ten billion dollars, receives more money yet, which will result in its growth.

Oh, by the way, this agreement for nothing will clear the image of Pete Rose, outlawed for baseball life for betting on the Cincinnati Reds games when he was leading them in the 80s.

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