Tuesday , March 21 2023

Dragon Ball Super: Broly | Two characters will return to the next movie as we have never seen before


The new movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly It will show us a reinvention of the origin of Gokú and Saiyajin and as expected, there will appear several ancient characters, such as Bardock, Gine, the mother of Gokú and even the forgotten one Raditz and Nappa, the Bodyguard of Vegeta, who will present youthful appearances according to the timeline of the film.

We appreciate the unpublished appearance of Kid raditz, who originally appeared as the older brother of Gokú in the first chapters of Dragon Ball Z and a young Nappa still with hair in contrast to his characteristic balds shown in the saga of Vegeta.

About Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly " this will be released December 14 in Japanese cinemas and its double dubbed version in Spanish is expected in our theaters January 17

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