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Dragon Ball Super: Ji and its real weak point in the Toyotaro manga [FOTOS] | DBS | DBH | Goku | Vegeta | Power Championship | Photo 1/7 | anime


Manga Dragon Ball Super It has interesting aspects because the format leaves the details unfocused for anime. In this way, the characters are more unforgettable.

The Dragon Ball Super story is the same from different perspectives, nuances and dramas. They are really protagonists, but they have interesting aspects of Manga Jai's characters.

Dragon Ball Super is finished in animation, but as you read Goku and the story of the company, you will have new surprises with the development of the main characters.

Manga Dragon Ball Super Shows great depths of characters. Besides Goku and Vegeta, in Go see We can find several interesting aspects Toyotaro He invented the main villain, whose least point he thought of at least.

Manga number 42 Dragon Ball Super It shows that it is the weakest point Go see It is the mistrust of others, it lost something Power Tournament before Vegeta and Goku.

Version version Go see sleeve Dragon Ball Super It's a survival character based on his strength. This means that he has not found out about his colleagues who can not help.

Remember that Go see He has finally defeated the 7th universe team. First of all Goku and Vegeta They do the same thing Prince Saiyajin defeated then, freezer shakes it Go see and Goku until the stage is stopped, all are automatically deleted. The only maintenance on the platform is the winner of Android 17, the event.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Lima will open on January 17, 2019.

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