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Dragon Ball Super | The first episode of anime was transmitted 33 years ago by television | DBS | Anime

Let's take a little history. He February 26, 1986 The first chapter of the Japanese TV came on Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama He was behind the adventures of Goku, and now-after 33 years-his work remains in force with the saga Dragon Ball Super. The sleeve, on the other hand, does not stop being active, as it follows the plot after it Tournament of Power.

The first chapter was seen through Fuji Television in Japan and since then it has emerged to become a phenomenon in the world of geek culture. Dragon Ball GT Apparently it was the end of everything, but Toriyama still had an ace under his sleeve.

Dragon Ball Super , with him Tournament of Power, ended up transforming itself into the most popular version of the anime's story. But nothing would have been possible without these long-lasting stories Goku on earth

The original story of Dragon Ball told the future of Goku, after being thrown into space by his parents, such as Superman. The Earth would be its place of destination and was found by a called elder They are Gohan. Unfortunately the nature of the Saiyajins led him to murder his "grandfather." Let us remember that at that time Goku It had tail and it was transformed into Ozaru.

In the first sagas, Toriyama He tells us the meeting of the little one with current characters to date Yamcha and Bulma. Little by little the character has been developing in history and here we have compiled some of the most epic moments.

Goku unleashes his power from Ozaru for the first time

The first time that Goku reaches the Super Saiyan

The Super Saiyan Azul was the novelty of Dragon Ball Super

Goku Ultra Instinct is the most powerful version of the anime protagonist

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Recently, Toei Animation premiered, in conjunction with Toriyama, the movie Dragon Ball Super. This brings back to a legendary character: Broly and tells the past story of the Saiyajins. This film has become the most successful in the history of anime, surpassing the $ 100 million mark in revenue.

And there will be Goku for a while Currently, Toyotaro sleeve advanced what happens after it Tournament of Power. The Galactic Patrol He has arrived to Earth to catch Majin Buu, on the way they will also take Goku and Vegeta, who must defeat Moro, the planet's consumer, to return to Earth.

He anime Dragon Ball Super You still have no return date. But the rumors and leaks indicate that it will be released in the middle of 2019.

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