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Endgame will show a superhero traveling through the seventies

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Since Endgame's time theory is one of the most recognized fandom, it would not be unusual for the Russian brothers to sequence the sequel in the 70s.

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To find out if Marvel fans follow followers to find out about Avengers: Endgame is almost endless. In the end, he has developed another important feature on the IMDb, which Avengers travels throughout the 70's, confirming time travels.

The IMDb is usually a reliable source for queries that have already been released, or at least confirmed their official distribution. Anyone with a professional account can edit page content, so sometimes some mistakes fail.

That said, on the Endgame tab on the web, two new names have been verified in small roles. Monica Mathematics appears as "70's Car Girl # 1", while Miles Webb argues that "the 1970s Scientist / Laboratory Worker" is arguing that heroes will move on sometime during the record.

Time by trip theory endgame Fandom is one of the most admired, it would not be surprising that the Russian brothers introduced seventies in the 70's.

On the other hand, it's strange that Marvel reveals his secrets, so it's probably a bad page, someone who has decided to buy outlawed information or fake lying fans. Go crazy speculating.

The fate of what can be bad Avengers Until April 26, 2019, it will not be official, so a release date will be published endgame to go to the cinema

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