Monday , January 18 2021

EOS first, second TRON, third Ethereum, Bitcoin XV

The Chinese government has published a new ranking of major government-sponsored cryptanists in China, while Bitcoin (BTC) is ranked 15th while the EOS maintains its first position. Tron (TRX) was the second, after passing Ethereum (ETH) in February.

The Cryptographic Classification of the China Information and Industrial Development Center (CIDD) was first announced in May. In this eighteenth edition of the index, EOS has the best block chain since June 2018, where it has occupied this platform.

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The CCID Global Chain Public Technology Assessment Index in the thirteenth, Tron is ranked second in the tenth edition. Ninth edition already placed Ethereum in second place, Tron was not on the list.

In the tenth edition, Bitcoin went to number 15 and number 13, and now he has returned to position two places to enter 15.

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As Cointelegraph has reported in a newly reported report, EOS seems to be still working, because blockchain has argued that some of the centralized party's system of governance has been discussed.

Huipiko Global, a Singapore-based two large crypt crash, and the OKEx in Malta, this week claiming the stability of Tron with the help of Tether. This month, Tron and Tether announced for the first time to join the USDT Tron network.

Cointelegraph recently reported that Ethereum was using a dissident political group from North Korea for the Civil Defense of Cheollima, who allegedly released a visa to sell the country to sell the token.

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