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EUR.14 / 1.14 psychological level clashes. What does Forex traders offer?


EUR / USD recovered by around 1.3% due to the year-on-year drop, which was marked on February 15, 1,1235 and would add a little more, to drill 1,1400 technical resistance. According to this scenario, the 1,1450 movement would have a high probability. If the exclusion of the Psychological Threshold 1,1400 is excluded, the budget highlights the commitment of regional support 1,1270 / 1,1245.

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Slowly but surely, EUR / USD seems to have regained an upward trend in recent trading sessions. The year-on-year drop of 1,1235 on February 15 has recovered about 150 pips and now faces 1,1400 psychological thresholds.

This technical level has to be monitored, coinciding with Fibonacci retracement of 50% of 2019 prices. His fractures should be a positive sign of community money and move towards 1,1450. Short-term low orientation in September this September (red line).

Despite the recovery of EUR / USD recovery, it maintains a neutral profile and the room does not continue to rise steadily. In the end, any attempt to advance in the medium term would limit the scope of resistance 1,1485 / 1,1515. In the daily report, in the price range, since November 2018, high movements have slowed down.

If the pair can not be covered with the 1,1400 ceiling, this could be interpreted as a signal that is being exhausted by the buyer's strength, in which case the possible bet for 1,1270 / 1,1245 will not be ruled out.

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EURUSD technical graph


— Written by Diego Colman, Analytical Marketing at DailyFX in Spanish.

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